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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
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This field indicates the total number of copies we hold.
Howells   Take him, earth, for cherishing SATB div. - H W Gray / Belwin Mills 130
Grant (Cecil)   Take up Thy Cross SATB [S] organ Enoch 44
Porter Truslove Tale of the Oyster SATB div. - manuscript 40
De Severac   Tantum Ergo SATB - Schola Cantorum 65
Duruflé   Tantum ergo SATB - Durand 279
Nicholson   Tantum ergo sacramentum SATB organ RSCM 40
Clucas   Te Deum SATB 4 cb manuscript 40
Kodaly   Te Deum SATB + soli orch Universal 4
Rutter   Te Deum SATB organ OUP 100
Verdi   Te Deum SATB SATB orch G. Ricordi 1
Lewis   Te Deum (choir) SATB organ Stainer & Bell 141
Lewis   Te Deum (congregation) congregation organ Stainer & Bell 524
Bizet Wojchiechowski Te Deum [c/s] SATB + soli orch / organ Simrock 40
Bruckner Simrock Te Deum [EP 3843] SATB orch Peters 83
Bruckner Campo Te Deum [EP 8950 Urtext] SATB orch Peters 50
Charpentier Kolneder Te Deum [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Universal Edition 2
Smart   Te Deum [SATB] SATB organ Novello 110
Smart   Te Deum [unison voices] unison voices organ Novello 412
Bizet Wojchiechowski Te Deum [v/s] SATB + soli orch / organ Simrock 2
Harwood   Te Deum & Benedictus in A flat SATB organ Novello 23
Le Fleming   Te Deum & Benedictus in C Opus 27 SATB organ Novello 20
Howells   Te Deum & Jubilate [Collegium Regale] SATB organ Novello 160
Vaughan Williams   Te Deum + Benedicite [congregation] unison organ OUP 594
Vaughan Williams   Te Deum + Benedicite [SATB] SATB organ OUP 151
Dobson   Te Deum in B flat SATB organ Novello 40
Stanford   Te Deum in B flat SATB organ Novello 415
Stanford   Te Deum in B flat [congregation] congregation organ Novello 667
Britten   Te Deum in C SATB [S] organ OUP 270
Stanford   Te Deum in C SATB organ Stainer & Bell 40
Ireland   Te Deum in F [congregation part] unison organ Novello 382
Ireland   Te Deum in F [SATB] SATB organ Novello 127
Gray   Te Deum in G SSATB organ Novello 26
Vaughan Williams   Te Deum in G SATB div. organ OUP 40
Berlioz Sinclair Te Deum Laudamus SATB orch / organ Novello 2
Tomblings   Te Deum Laudamus SATB organ Novello 51
Haydn   Te Deum Laudamus [Novello] SATB orch / organ Novello 5
Haydn Denis McCaldin Te Deum Laudamus [OUP] SATB orch / organ OUP 175
Purcell Bridge & Watkins Shaw Te Deum Laudamus & Jubilate in D [1694] [English] SATB + soli organ Novello 40
Haydn Armin Kircher Te Deum Laudamus Hob xxiiic:2 [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Carus Verlag 1
Harris   Te Deum Laudamus in A flat ATB organ Novello 49
Waters   Te Deum Laudamus in C unison organ Novello 49
Purcell   Te Deum Laudamus in D 1694 [Latin] SATB + soli organ Novello 40
Nourse   Te Deum Laudamus in F SATB organ Novello 39
Sumsion   Te Deum Laudamus in G SATB organ Novello 130
Charpentier   Te Deum v/s SATB + soli orch Editions Costallat 60
Gibbons E. H. Fellowes Te Deum, Benedictus, Mag & Nunc [Short Service] SATB - OUP 60
Tallis Kitson Te Deum, Benedictus, Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Dorian] SATB organ Bayley & Ferguson 17
Navarro   Te lucis ante terminum SATB - Mapa Mundi 12
Tallis Milsom Te lucis ante terminum SAATB - OUP 65
Hooper Watkins Shaw Teach me thy way, O Lord SATB organ OUP 105
Pritchard   Teach me, my God and King unison organ Novello 42
Attwood   Teach me, O Lord SATB - Novello 36
Byrd Fellowes Teach me, O Lord SAATB organ OUP 134
Cranmer   Teach us, good Lord SATB - Novello 34
Armstrong Gibbs   Tears SATB - Curwen 43
Drayton   Templa quam dilecta SATB organ Novello 19
Palestrina Harman Ten 4-part Motets for the Church's Year SATB - OUP 40
Gabrieli A. Denis Arnold Ten Madrigals SATB div. - OUP 35
Poulenc   Tenebrae factae sunt [Penitence No.3] SATB - Salabert 160
Victoria Turner Tenebrae Responsories SATB - Chester 80
Holst   Terly Terlow SATB oboe & cello Stainer & Bell 46
Mendelssohn   Thanks be to God [Elijah] [Banks] SATB organ Banks 48
Mendelssohn   Thanks be to God [Elijah] [Novello] SATB organ Novello 40
Coward Phillips That wonderful melody SATB pno manuscript 80
Bennett RR   That younge child SATB - Universal 80
Trad Shaw The Agincourt Song SATB pno Curwen 7
Thorne   The Angel and the Shepherds unison organ Novello 22
Pettman   The Angel Gabriel SATB - Banks 56
Trad Pettman The Angel Gabriel SATB - Freeman 40
Dunhill   The Angler's Song TTBB pno Williams 40
Flanders & Swann Andrew Phillips The Armadillo SATB [B] pno APS 80
Jenkins   The Armed Man SATB + soli orch Boosey & Hawkes 780
Trad Rathbone The Ash Grove SSAATTBB - Kikapust 65
Trad Williamson The Ash Grove SATB - manuscript 50
Walford Davies   The babe in the manger SATB organ Novello 18
Kodaly   The Bachelor TBB - Boosey & Hawkes 15
Halley   The bailiff's daughter [Love Songs] SATB pno Thompson 70
Bainton   The ballad of Semmerwater SATB - Curwen 45
Gilkyson   The Bare Necessities SATB pno Hal Leonard 34
Walford Davies   The Bay of Biscay TBB pno Curwen 11
Bliss   The Beatitudes SATB [ST] orch / organ Novello 6
Pärt   The Beatitudes [c/s] SATB organ Universal 180
Pärt   The Beatitudes [v/s] SATB organ Universal 4
Trad Russian The Birch Tree SATB - OUP 32
Spicer H.   The Birds unison piano A & C Black 61
Neidlinger   The Birthday of a King SATB [S] - Schirmer 40
Bairstow   The Blessed Virgin S + S solo organ Novello 18
Stanford   The Bluebird SATB - Stainer & Bell 236
Stanford Pierce The Bluebird [male voices] ATBB - Stainer & Bell 16
Trad Sargent The Boar's Head Carol SATB div. - OUP 380
Copland Fine The Boatmen's Dance SATB [B] pno Boosey & Hawkes 97
Offenbach   The bold gendarmes TTBB pno Boosey & Hawkes 15
Whittaker   The bonny fisher lad SATB pno Stainer & Bell 36
Trad Sharp The Briary Bush unison voices pno Novello 10
Sullivan   The Cachucha [Gondoliers] SATB pno Chappell 80
Rossini   The Carnovale SSTB pno Novello 40
Elgar   The Challenge of Thor SATB pno Novello 18
Trad Sargent The Cherry Tree Carol SSAATTBB - OUP 430
Gretchaninov   The Cherubic Hymn [Hymn to the Trinity] SATB div. - Bayley & Ferguson 40
Beethoven   The Choral Fantasia SATB orch / organ Novello 222
Tormé Knight The Christmas Song SATTBB [T] - Chappell 45
Nelson   The Christmas Story SATB [B] orch Boosey & Hawkes 15
Walford Davies   The Cloud Capt Towers TBB pno Curwen 11
Stevens   The Cloud-Capt Towers TTBB pno / organ Curwen 26
Holst   The Cobbler SATB - Novello 10
Holst [Imogen]   The Cobbler SATB - Novello 40
Stone   The Conclusion SATB pno Boosey & Hawkes 49
Barber   The Coolin' (Reincarnations) SATB - Chappell 100
Lutyens   The country of the stars SATB - Novello 57
Trad Geehl The Coventry Carol SATB - Ashdown 68
Haydn   The Creation [Orchestral Set] [Breitkopf & Härtel] Orchestral Set orchestra Breitkopf & Härtel 1
Haydn   The Creation [Orchestral Set] [Peters EP 1029] Orchestral Set orchestra Peters 1
Haydn Burmeister The Creation [Orchestral Set] [Peters EP 8998] Orchestral Set orchestra Peters 2
Haydn Pilkington The Creation [v/s] [New Novello] SATB + soli orch Novello 225
Haydn old The Creation [v/s] [Old Novello] SATB + soli orch Novello 108
Haydn   The Creation [Word Sheets] Text Only - - - 95
Stone   The Cuckoo SATB pno OUP 100
Macfarren   The cuckoo sings in the poplar SATB pno Novello 4
Elgar   The Dance [Bavarian Highlands] SATB pno Williams 63
Vaughan Williams   The dark eyed sailor SATB - Stainer & Bell 111
Roberton   The dashing white sergeant SATB - Roberton 42
Shaw   The day draws on with golden light SATB organ Novello 40
Marks J. C.   The day is past and over SATB [ST] organ Novello 40
Woodward   The day Thou gavest SATB organ Novello 34
Halley   The despairing lover [Love Songs] SATB pno Thompson 70
Holst   The Dove SATB - Curwen 55
Elgar   The Dream of Gerontius [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Elgar Foundation 1
Elgar Davies / Wood The Dream of Gerontius [v/s] [New Novello] SATB div. + soli orchestra Novello [NNCE] 100
Elgar   The Dream of Gerontius [v/s] [Old Novello] SATB div. + soli orch Novello 116
Trad Vale The Drummer and the Cook SATB pno Elkin 40
Sharp   The drunken sailor unison voices pno Novello 22
Grant   The earth is the Lord's unison organ / brass / timp manuscript 700
Mason   The Earth is the Lord's SATB organ Nicholson 45
McKie   The East Indiaman unison pno OUP 3
Ireland   The Echoing Green SS pno Curwen 6
Coward Phillips The end of the news SATB pno manuscript 100
Joplin Bannan V. The Entertainer SATB div. - manuscript 75
Holst   The Evening Watch SSAATTBB - Faber Music 130
Vaughan Williams   The Farmer's Boy TTBB - Stainer & Bell 30
Trad Williams The Farmer's Daughters SATB - Curwen 22
Birchall   The Fastest Christmas on Record SATTBB - manuscript 40
Trad Stainer The First Nowell SATB organ Novello 25
Stanford   The Foggy Dew SATB pno Boosey & Hawkes 40
Vivaldi   The Four Seasons [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Ricordi 1
Parry   The Frogs unison voices pno Breitkopf & Härtel 2
Warlock   The Full Heart SATB div. [S] - OUP [Banks Music Publications] 40
MacMillan   The Gallant Weaver SATB div. - Boosey & Hawkes 305
Darke   The gentle maiden SATB - Novello 8
Watts   The God of Abraham praise SATB [S] organ Novello 37
Lloyd   The God of Peace SAB organ Mayhew 30
Sullivan   The Golden Legend SATB + soli orch / piano Novello 36
Bridge   The Goslings SATB - Novello 59
Somervell   The Grasmere Carol [SATB] SATB pno Arnold 45
Somervell   The Grasmere Carol [SS] SS pno Arnold 2
Best   The greatest of these is love SATB organ manuscript 1
Collection   The Grey Book SATB - Voci Cantanti 4
Stainer   The hallowed day hath shined upon us SATB [T] organ Novello 40
Pearsall   The hardy Norseman's house SATB pno Novello 56
Baynton-Power   The harvester's night song SATB - Ascherberg 52
Haydn   The heavens are telling [S/A choral scores] SA orch / organ Novello 36
Haydn   The heavens are telling [SATB] SATB + soli orch / organ Novello 185
Ireland   The Hills SATB - Stainer & Bell 200
Sharp   The hog-eyed man / Shanadah unison voices pno Novello 4
Boughton   The Holly and the Ivy SATB - Curwen 31
Britten   The Holly and the Ivy SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 40
Trad Thiman The Holly and the Ivy SATB - Novello 18
Trad Willcocks J. The Holly and the Ivy SATB organ OUP 40
Gardner   The holly and the ivy [SATB] SATB pno / organ OUP 465
Gardner   The holly and the ivy [SSA] SSA pno / organ OUP 40
Rowley   The Holy Birth SS organ Novello 40
Ireland   The Holy Boy SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 55
Adams (Stephen) Arnold The Holy City [in B flat major] SATB + solo organ Boosey & Hawkes 120
Adams (Stephen) Salter The Holy City [in C major] SATB + solo organ Boosey & Hawkes 37
Howells   The House of the Mind SATB organ Novello 40
Vaughan Williams   The Hundredth Psalm [O be joyful in the Lord] SATB orch / organ Stainer & Bell 80
Trad Pettman The Infant King (Sing Lullaby) SATB - Freeman 42
Bennett RR   The Insect World [Choral Score] Trebles [unison] pno Universal 40
Bennett RR   The Insect World [Vocal Score] Trebles [unison] pno Universal 1
Bantock   The Isles of Greece SATB pno Novello 58
Trad Vaughan Williams The Jolly Ploughboy TTBB - Novello 2
Trad Dunhill The Keel Row SATB - Novello 8
Bairstow   The king of love my shepherd is SATB organ OUP 83
Gounod   The King of Love my Shepherd is SATB pno Ashdown 40
Williams C.   The King shall rejoice SATB organ Novello 40
Handel Cranmer The King shall rejoice [Cranmer] [v/s] SAATBB organ Novello 100
Handel   The King shall rejoice [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Handel Silas The King shall rejoice [Silas] [v/s] SAATBB organ Novello 64
Music list
  • Paich & Porcaro / Lawson, Africa
  • Lloyd Webber / Chilcott, All I Ask of You
  • Lennon & McCartney / Runswick, Blackbird
  • Trad / Knight, Danny Boy
  • Trad / Lawson, Down to the River to Pray
  • Simeone / McCarthy, The Little Drummer Boy
  • Sullivan, The Long Day Closes
  • Joel / Lawson, Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
  • Lennon & McCartney / Chilcott, Penny Lane
  • Trad / Davis, Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow
  • Trad / Knight, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  • Menken / Lawson, Under the Sea
  • Trad / Lawson, The Water is Wide (O Waly, Waly)
  The King's Singers 40th Anniversary Collection SATB div. - Hal Leonard 43
Wilbye Fellowes The Lady Oriana SSATTB - Stainer & Bell 26
Bantock   The Lake Isle of Innisfree SATB - Cramer 97
Tavener   The Lamb SATB - Chester 591
Bairstow   The Lamentation SATB organ OUP 67
Ives G.   The lark in the clear air SATB - Schirmer 75
Spohr   The Last Judgment SATB + soli orch Novello 1
Bantock   The Lincolnshire Poacher TTBB pno Williams 1
John [Elton] Brymer The Lion King (Medley) [HL08637498] SATB pno Hal Leonard 133
John [Elton] Brymer The Lion King: The Broadway Musical (Choral Medley) [HL08741684] SATB pno Hal Leonard 40
Linda & Campbell Emerson The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) SATB pno Hal Leonard 80
Simeone   The Little Drummer Boy [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra APS 1
Simeone Davis The Little Drummer Boy [SAB] SAB pno Chappell 40
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