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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
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Caldara Rutter Crucifixus - 16 part [OUP edition] SATB div. à 16 organ OUP 40
Caldara   Crucifixus - 16 part [Schirmer edition] SATB div. à 16 organ Schirmer 160
Caldara   Sanctus SATB organ Lawson - Gould 40
Campbell   Praise to God in the Highest SATB organ OUP 40
Campbell   Preces & Responses [Windsor] SATB - Novello 50
Campian Fellowes Never Weather Beaten Sail SATB - Stainer & Bell 140
Cannon   Fleeting Fancies SATB - Kronos Press 3
Capua   O Sole Mio [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Carissimi Beat Jepthe SSSATB + soli orch / organ Novello 40
Carmichael Warner The nearness of you SSATBB [B] trio manuscript 28
Carter   Mary's Magnificat SATB organ OUP 128
Carter   Musicians wrestle everywhere SSATB - Mercury 40
Casciolini Terry Mass in A minor SATB organ ad lib. Cary & Co. 40
Cavalli Leppard Laetatus sum ATB orch / organ Faber Music 30
Cavalli Malcolm Hill Salve Regina ATTB continuo Handlo Music 32
Cavendish Fellowes Say, Shepherds, Say SATB - Stainer & Bell 40
Cererols Clifford Bartlett Serafin, que con dulce harmonia SSAT SATB organ OUP 25
Challinor   Rock of Ages SATB [S] organ Bayley & Ferguson 40
Chambers   Lift up your hearts SATB organ Novello 24
Chambers   O for a closer walk with God SATB [S or T] organ Novello 26
Chapple   Come, Holy Ghost SATB organ Chester 45
Chapple   Drop, drop, slow tears SATB - Chester 45
Chapple   Three Motets SSAATTBB + soli - manuscript 45
Charles   Ezekial saw de wheel SATB pno Staff 37
Charpentier Fiaschi Magnificat H80 [c/s] SATB [SATB] continuo Carus Verlag 40
Charpentier Fiaschi Magnificat H80 [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Carus Verlag 1
Charpentier Fiaschi Magnificat H80 [v/s] SATB [SATB] continuo Carus Verlag 6
Charpentier Marc Messe de Minuit [c/s] SATB + soli orch / organ Lemoine 285
Charpentier Marc Messe de Minuit [Credo] [c/s] SATB + soli orch / organ Lemoine 260
Charpentier Lemoine Messe de Minuit [Orchestral Set] [Lemoine] Orchestral Set orchestra APS 4
Charpentier Müller Messe de Minuit [Orchestral Set] [Müller] Orchestral Set orchestra Müller 3
Charpentier Marc Messe de Minuit [v/s] SATB + soli orch / organ Lemoine 61
Charpentier Hans Ryschawy Te Deum [Orchestral Set] [Carus Verlag] Orchestral Set orchestra Carus Verlag 1
Charpentier Kolneder Te Deum [Orchestral Set] [Universal Edition] Orchestral Set orchestra Universal Edition 2
Charpentier   Te Deum v/s SATB + soli orch Editions Costallat 60
Chilcott   Be thou my vision SATB pno OUP 101
Chilcott   Canticles of Light [Orchestral Set] [reduced] Orchestral Set FS / organ / tubular bells OUP 3
Chilcott   Canticles of Light [v/s] SATB [+ trebles] orch / organ OUP 190
Chilcott   Even such is time SATB [S] - OUP 100
Chilcott   God so loved the world SATB [S] - OUP 120
Chilcott   Irish Blessing [SATB] SATB organ OUP 130
Chilcott   Irish Blessing [SSA] SSA organ OUP 38
Chilcott   Jubilate SATB brass / pno OUP 120
Chilcott   Just as I am SATB organ / pno OUP 45
Chilcott   Little Jazz Mass SATB pno / drums / cb OUP 400
Chilcott   Little Jazz Mass [string bass & drums parts only] Orchestral Set string bass & drums OUP 7
Chilcott   Love SATB [ST] - OUP 85
Chilcott   Mid-Winter SATB organ / pno OUP 193
Chilcott   My Prayer SSAATTBB - OUP 60
Chilcott   Remember, O thou man SATB pno OUP 80
Chilcott   Requiem SATB [ST] orchestra OUP 310
Chilcott   Singing by Numbers SATB piano OUP 25
Chilcott   Spells SSA pno OUP 30
Chilcott   The Shepherd's Carol SATB div. - OUP 240
Chilcott   The Twelve Days of Christmas SATB div. orch / piano(s) + perc OUP 120
Chilcott   Where Riches is Everlasting SATB percussion OUP 40
Chope   When the crimson sun had set SATB - Clowes 15
Christopher   Magic SS pno Pass 10
Churchill   An old man's prayer to our lady SATB organ RSCM 40
Churchill   Three Canadian Songs SATB pno Lengnick 76
Clarke Whitfield   I will lift up mine eyes SATB [B] organ Novello 20
Clemens   Crux fidelis SATB - Chester 40
Clucas   Beati mortui SATB SATB - Fagus / Oecumuse 60
Clucas   Crucifixus SSSAATTBB - Fagus / Oecumuse 45
Clucas   Dans cette étable SATB organ Mayhew 100
Clucas   Ecce tu pulchra es SATB div. [M-S] - Fagus / Oecumuse 40
Clucas   God Incarnate - A Christmas Sequence SATB - Animus 75
Clucas   In the dark-time SS organ Animus 65
Clucas   Love came down at Christmas SATB organ Animus 120
Clucas   Lux Hominum SATB SATB - Fagus / Oecumuse 40
Clucas   Mater Dei SATB - Oecumuse 68
Clucas   Of a rose singe we SATB organ Fagus / Oecumuse 40
Clucas   Preces & Responses SATB - OUP 110
Clucas   Requiem SSATBB [S / M-S] - Fagus / Oecumuse 40
Clucas   Shakespeare Songs SATB div. - Animus 80
Clucas   Sinfonia Sacra SATB div. - Fagus / Oecumuse 27
Clucas   Songs of Farewell SATB div. pno / orch Fagus / Oecumuse 80
Clucas   Stabat Mater SATB + soli strings Fagus / Oecumuse 28
Clucas   Te Deum SATB 4 cb manuscript 40
Clucas   Tombeau SATB pno / orch manuscript 40
Colborn   I will sing praises SATB [S] organ Nicholson 43
Coleman Barnes Rhythm of Life SATB pno Shawnee Press 70
Coleridge-Taylor   Death of Minnehaha [Op.30 no.2] SATB + soli orch Novello 12
Coleridge-Taylor Le Cras Drake's Drum SATB pno Curwen 40
Coleridge-Taylor   Hiawatha's Wedding Feast [Op.30 no.1] SATB [T] piano / orch Walsh, Holmes & co 3
Coleridge-Taylor   Hiawatha's Wedding Feast [Op.30 no.1] [Novello] SATB [T] piano / orch Novello 19
Coleridge-Taylor   Lift up your heads SATB organ Novello 30
Coleridge-Taylor   The Lord is my strength SATB organ Novello 33
Collection Willcocks / Rutter 100 Carols For Choirs SATB div. organ OUP 10
Music list
  • Trad/Runswick, The Virgin Mary had a baby boy
  • Trad/Runswick, Children go where I send thee
  • Trad/Runswick, Steal away/Poor little Jesus
  • Trad/Runswick, Pretty home
  • Trad/Runswick, Go tell it on the mountain
Runswick A Gospel Christmas SATB pno Faber Music 50
Music list
  • Tye, A Sound Of Angels
  • Brahms, Ah, Thou Poor World
  • Tallis, All People That On Earth Do Dwell
  • Farrar, Almighty God, The Fountain Of All Wisdom
  • Ford, Almighty God, Which Hast Me Brought
  • Leighton, Alone To Sacrifice
  • Gibbons, As On The Night
  • Bach JS, Awake Us, Lord And Hasten
  • Clarke-Whitfeld, Behold, How Good And Joyful
  • Pitoni, Cantate Domino
  • Gibbons, Come Holy Ghost
  • Pitoni, Come Ye With Joyfulness
  • Ouseley, From The Rising Of The Sun
  • Tye, Give Almes Of Thy Gods
  • Bach JS, God Is Living, God Is Here
  • Bach JS, God Is Our Hope And Our Strength
  • Batten, Haste Thee, O God
  • Ouseley, How Goodly Are Thy Tents
  • Bairstow, I Sat Down Under His Shadow
  • Tye, Laudate Nomen Domini
  • Wesley, Lead Me, Lord
  • Blow, Let My Prayer
  • Mathias, Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates
  • Jackson, Lo, God Is Here
  • Gritton, Lord That Descendedst, Holy Child
  • Handel, Lord, I Trust Thee
  • Lord, Most Glorious Lord Of Lyfe!
  • Walmisley, Not Unto Us, O Lord
  • Barcroft, O Almighty God
  • Wagner, O Christ, O Blessed Lord
  • Whyte, O Christ, Who Art The Light And Day
  • Tye, O Come, Ye Servants Of The Lord
  • Stanford, O For A Closer Walk
  • Amner, O God My King
  • Purcell, O God The King Of Glory
  • Attwood, O God, Who By The Leading Of A Star
  • Correa, O My People
  • Goss, O Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem
  • Bourgeois, O Strength And Stay
  • Turner, O Trinity Most Blessed Light
  • Correa, O Vos Omnes
  • Willcocks, Of The Father's Heart Begotten
  • Blow, Praise The Lord, Ye Servants
  • Campbell, Praise To God In The Highest
  • Rutter, Praise Ye The Lord
  • Mendelssohn, Sleepers, Wake!
  • Leighton, Solus Ad Victimam
  • Attwood, Teach Me, O Lord
  • Stone, The Lord's Prayer
  • Bach JS, Up, Up! My Heart! With Gladness
  • Tallis, Verily, Verily I Say Unto You
  • Bach JS, Wherefore Despair?
  • Stanford, Ye Choirs Of New Jerusalem
Jackson Anthems for Choirs [Book 1] [Mixed Voices] SATB - OUP 50
Music list
  • Leighton, A Hymn to the Trinity
  • Walton, A Litany
  • Lord, A Prayer for Peace
  • Ridout, A Pure River of Water of Life
  • Rutter, Christ the Lord is risen again
  • Harris, Faire is the heaven
  • Bullock, Give us the wings of faith
  • Ireland, Greater love hath no man
  • Drayton, Jesu dulcis memoria
  • Bairstow, Let all mortal flesh keep silence
  • Jackson, Lift up your heads
  • Howells, Like as a hart
  • Bax, Lord, thou hast told us
  • Mathias, Make a joyful noise (Jubilate)
  • Britten, O be joyful in the Lord (Jubilate)
  • Rutter, O clap your hands
  • Vaughan Williams, O clap your hands
  • Vaughan Williams, O how amiable
  • Stewart, On this day earth shall ring
  • Vaughan Williams, O taste and see
  • Wood, O thou the central orb
  • Hoddinott, Puer natus
  • Walton, Set me as a seal
  • Hare, Thou, O God, art praised in Sion
  • Holst, Turn back, O man
  • McKie, We wait for thy loving kindness
Morris Anthems for Choirs [Book 4] 20th C. Composers SATB div. organ OUP 78
Collection   Barbershop Selection TTBB - APS 40
Collection   Book of Madrigals, Glees and Catches SATB div. - Voci Cantanti 40
Music list
  • Gilkyson, The Bare Necessities
  • Jobim, The Girl from Ipanema
  • Hudson, Goodnight Sweetheart
  • Lennon & McCartney, Here, There and Everywhere
  • Lennon & McCartney, Honey Pie
  • Ellington, I'm Beginning to See the Light
  • Jordan, Is you is or is you ain't my baby?
  • Shearing, Lullaby of Birdland
  • Porter, Miss Otis Regrets
  • Ellington, Satin Doll
  • Loesser, Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat
  • Kern, The Way You Look Tonight
  • Lai, Where Do I Begin? (Love Story)
Ralph Allwood By Popular Request SATB div. (pno) Novello 71
Collection Willcocks Carols for Choirs [Book 1] SATB div. organ OUP 90
Collection Willcocks Carols for Choirs [Book 2] SATB div. organ OUP 110
Collection   Carols for Choirs [Word Sheets] congregation - OUP 211
Music list
  • Byrd, O Magnum Mysterium
  • Clemens non Papa, Magi Veniunt Ab Oriente
  • Compere, Verbum Caro Factum Est
  • Guerrero, Rorate Caeli
  • Hassler, Dixit Maria
  • Isaac, Ecce Virgo Concipies
  • Marenzio, Hodie Christus Natus Est
  • Palestrina, Dies Sanctificatus
  • Praetorius, Omnis Mundus Jocundetur
  • Regnart, Prope Est Dominus
  • Verdonck, Ave Gratia Plena
  • Victoria, Ne Timeas Maria
Petti Christmas & Advent Motets for 4 Voices SATB - Chester 50
Music list
  • Handl, Orietur stella
  • Lassus, Alma Redemptoris
  • Palestrina, Canite tuba
  • Ramsey, O sapientia
  • Byrd, Beata viscera
  • Corteccia, Surge illuminare Jerusalem
  • Esquivel, Tria sunt munera
  • Philips, O beatum et sacrosanctum diem
  • Sweelinck, Hodie Christus natus est
Petti Christmas & Advent Motets for 5 Voices SSATB - Chester 5
Music list
  • Bruckner, Virga Jesse floruit
  • Byrd, O magnum mysterium and Beata Virgo
  • Cui, Magnificat
  • Dering, Quem visdistis, pastores?
  • Flecha, Riu, riu, chiu
  • Handl, Resonet in laudibus
  • Handl, Omnes de Saba venient
  • Mendelssohn, Frohlocket, ihr Völker auf Erden
  • Mouton, Nesciens mater
  • Palestrina, Hodie Christus natus est
  • Philips, O beatum et sacrosanctum diem
  • H. Praetorius, In dulci jubilo
  • M. Praetorius, Quem pastores laudavere
  • Scheidt, In dulci jubilo
  • Sweelinck, Hodie Christus natus est
  • Victoria, O magnum mysterium
Rutter Christmas Motets [Oxford Choral Classics] SATB div. unaccomp / org OUP 40
Music list
  • Dyson, A wet sheet and a flowing sea
  • Dyson, Up in the morning early
  • Dyson, Thanksgiving
  • Dyson, The Happy Warrior
  • Dyson, Hymn to the Stars
  • Dyson, To Music
  • Dyson, Reveille
  • Dyson, Boot, saddle, to horse and away
  • Dyson, The year's pleasant King
  • Dyson, I loved a lass
  Compilation [Dyson] SATB pno / organ Novello 31
Music list
  • Parry, Music when soft voices die
  • Parry, Jerusalem
  • Parry, If i had but two little wings
  • Parry, Since thou, O fondest
  • Parry, Come pretty wag and sing
  • Parry, Brown and furry
  Compilation [Parry] SATB div. - Novello 21
Music list
  • Pearsall, Who killed Cock Robin?
  • Pearsall, Come let us be merry
  • Pearsall, Sir Patrick Spens
  • Pearsall, Let us all go Maying
  • Pearsall, In dulci jubilo
  Compilation [Pearsall] SATB div. - Novello 34
Music list
  • Rutter, Banquet Fugue
  • Fraser-Simson/Carter, Christopher Robin is saying his prayers
  • Trad/Willcocks, Drunken sailor
  • Toch, Geographical Fugue
  • Bridge, The Goslings
  • Rutter, Home is a special kind of feeling
  • Bishop/Chilcott, Home, sweet home
  • Glover-Kind/Carter, I do like to be beside the seaside
  • Chilcott, Irish Blessing
  • Genée/Rowley, Italian Salad
  • Rutter, Let's begin again
  • Trad/Chilcott, Londonderry Air
  • Sullivan/Gritton, The Lost Chord
  • Trad/Whitworth, The Mermaid
  • Ives, Name that tune
  • Trad/Mitchell, Old McDonald had a farm
  • Stanford, Quick! We have but a second
  • Gardener, Rejection
  • Rutter, Sourwood mountain
  • Trad/Chilcott, Steal away
  • Bratton/Carter, The Teddy Bears' Picnic
  • Turner, Tequila Samba
  • Trad/Carter, Two for the price of one
  • Eröd, Viva la musica
Gritton Encores for Choirs [Book 1] SATB div. unaccomp / pno OUP 165
Music list
  • Finzi, My spirit sang all day
  • Finzi, I praise the tender flower
  • Finzi, Haste on, my joys!
  • Bainton, In the wilderness
  • Delius, The splendour falls on castle walls
  • Farrar, To daffodils
  • Armstring Gibbs, Devotion
  • Armstrong Gibbs, How can the heart forget her?
  • Holst, This have I done for my true love
  • Holst, Dream Tryst
  • Howells, The Scribe
  • Ireland, The Hills
  • Moeran, Love is a sickness
  • Murrill, O mistress mine
  • Vaughan Williams, Three Shakespeare Songs
  • Vaughan Williams, Silence and music
  • Vaughan Williams, Greensleeves
  • Walker, Soft music
  • Warlock, The spring of the year
Spicer English Pastoral Partsongs SATB div. - OUP 50
Music list
  • Barnby, Sweet and Low
  • Benedict, Dirge for the faithful lover
  • Bishop, Home, sweet home
  • Coleridge-Taylor, Summer is gone
  • Elgar, As torrents in summer
  • Elgar, Go, song of mine
  • Elgar, My love dwelt in a Northern land
  • Goss, List! For the breeze
  • Hatton, Stars of the summer night
  • Horsley, Slow fresh fount
  • MacCunn, Oh where art thou dreaming
  • Macfarren, Orpheus with his lute
  • Macfarren, When daisies pied
  • Mendelssohn, An old romance
  • Mendelssohn, Departure
  • Parry, Music, when soft voices die
  • Parry, There rolls the deep
  • Pearsall, Lay a garland
  • Pearsall, Sir Patrick Spens
  • Pearsall, Who shall have my lady fair
  • Stanford, Heraclitus
  • Stanford, The Bluebird
  • Bennett, W Sterndale, Come live with me
  • Bennett, W Sterndale, Sweet Stream
  • Sullivan, Echoes
  • Sullivan, O hush thee, my babie
  • Sullivan, The long day closes
  • Walmisley, Music, all powerful
  • Wesley, O sing unto my roundelay
  • Wood, Full fathom five
Hillier English Romantic Partsongs SATB div. - OUP 80
Music list
  • Byrd, Aspice Domine
  • Byrd, O Lux Beata Trinitas
  • Dering, Jubilate Deo
  • Morley, Laboravi in Gemitu
  • Mundy, Adolescentulus Sum Ego
  • Ravenscroft, Four Rounds from Pammellia
  • White, Ad te Levavi
Petti English School for six voices SATB div. - Chester 31
Music list
  • Alegri, Miserere
  • Anerio, Christus factus est
  • Arensky, Otche nash
  • Bach, O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht
  • Brahms, Warum ist das Licht gegeben dem Mühseligen?
  • Brahms, Ach, arme Welt
  • Brahms, Geistliches Lied
  • Bruckner, Ave Maria
  • Bruckner, Christus factus est
  • Bruckner, Os justi
  • Bruckner, Locus iste
  • Buxtehude, Magnificat
  • Casels, O vos omnes
  • Fauré, Cantique de Jean Racine
  • Franck, Panis angelicus
  • Gabrieli, Jubilate Deo
  • Gesualdo, O vos omnes
  • Glinka, The Cherubic Hymn
  • Grieg, Ave maris stella
  • Guerrero, Ave Virgo sanctissima
  • Handl, Pater noster
  • Hassler, Dixit Maria
  • John IV of Portugal, Crux fildelis
  • Josquin Desprez, Ave Maria
  • Lassus, Adoramus te, Christe
  • Lassus, Ave verum Corpus
  • Lassus, Timor et tremor and Exaudi Deus
  • Lotti, Crucifixus a8
  • Mendelssohn, Psalm 43
  • Mendelssohn, Verleih uns Frieden
  • Monteverdi, Beatus vir
  • Monteverdi, Cantate Domino
  • Monteverdi, Christe, adoramus te
  • Mozart, Ave verum Corpus
  • Palestrina, Exsultate Deo
  • Palestrina, Tu es Petrus and Quodcumque ligaveris
  • Palestrina, Sicut cervus
  • Poulenc, Salve Regina
  • Rachmaninov, Bogoroditsye Dyevo
  • Rheinberger, Abenlied
  • Reger, Unser lieben Frauen Traum
  • Rossini, O salutaris Hostia
  • Schubert, Psalm 23
  • Schütz, Psalm 100
  • Schütz, Selig sind die Toten
  • Stravinsky, Ave Maria
  • Sweelinck, Laudate Dominum
  • Tchaikovsky, Dostoino yest
  • Verdi, Ave Maria
  • Viadana, Exsultate justi
  • Victoria, Ave Maria
  • Victoria, O quam gloriosum
  • Victoria, O vos omnes
  • Victoria, Jesu, dulcis memoria
Rutter European Sacred Music SATB div. various OUP 110
Music list
  • Bairstow, Though I speak with the tongues of men
  • Bach JS, Awake, thou wintry earth (from Cantata No.129)
  • Bullock, Give us the wings of faith
  • Bullard, The Beatitudes
  • Kelly, He is the way
  Festival Service Bk.10 (The Nine Gifts) SATB organ RSCM 27
Music list
  • Trad, Dance to thy daddy
  • Trad, She moved through the fair
  • Trad, The frog and the crow
  • Trad, Scarborough Fair
  • Trad, Bobby Shaftoe
Runswick Five English Folk Songs SATB - Faber Music 77
Music list
  • Arcadelt, Haec Dies
  • Clemens non Papa, Crux Fidelis
  • Isaac, Gustate Et Videte
  • Isaac, Jerusalem Surge
  • Près, Ave Maria
  • Près, Tu Solus
  • Lassus, Improperium
  • Lassus, Jubilate Deo
  • Lassus, Scio Enim
  • Vaet, O Quam Gloriosum
  • Willaert, O Magnum Mysterium
Petti Flemish School for four voices SATB - Chester 25
Music list
  • Byrt, Among the leaves so green
  • James, Bushes and briars
  • Rutter, Black Sheep
  • Willcocks, Bobby Shaftoe
  • Rutter, Dashing away with the smoothing iron
  • Willcocks, Early one morning
  • Vaughan Williams, Greensleeves
  • Grainger, Londonderry Air
  • Holst, My sweetheart's like Venus
  • Rutter, O waly, waly
  • Chapman, She's like the swallow
  • Rutter, Sourwood Mountain
Rutter Folk Songs for Choirs [Book 1] SATB - OUP 115
Music list
  • Willcocks, Afton Water
  • Grainger, Brigg Fair
  • Vaughan Williams, Ca' the yowes
  • Byrt, Faithful Johnny
  • Holst, I love my love
  • James, Strawberry Fair
  • Holst, Swansea Town
  • Byrt, The Keel Row
  • Bairstow, The Oak and the Ash
  • Moeran, The Sailor and young Nancy
  • Chapman, The Three Ravens
  • Vaughan Williams, The Turtle Dove
  • Warlock, Yarmouth Fair
Rutter Folk Songs for Choirs [Book 2] SATB - OUP 119
Music list
  • Martin/Blane, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • Smith/Bernard, Winter Wonderland
  • Gritton, Follow That Star
  • Gritton, An Olde Rhyme
  • Gillespie/Coot, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  • Hairston, Mary's Boy Child
  • Jenkins/Barratt, Just Another Star
  • Tormé/Wells, The Christmas Song
  • Gritton, Deck The Hall
Gritton Follow that Star [close harmony] SATB div. - Chester 173
Music list
  • Saint-Saëns, Calme des Nuits (Deux Choeurs)
  • Saint-Saëns, Les fleurs et les arbres (Deux Choeurs)
  • Fauré, Madrigal
  • Debussy, Dieu! Qu'il la fait bon regarder (Trois Chansons de Charles d'Orléans)
  • Debussy, Quant j'ai ouy le tabourin (Trois Chansons de Charles d'Orléans)
  • Debussy, Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain (Trois Chansons de Charles d'Orléans)
Timothy Brown French Chansons SATB pno Faber Music 50
Collection Tausky Gems of Viennese Operetta [Medley] [c/s] SATB pno / orch Weinbeger / Glocken Verlag 540
Collection Tausky Gems of Viennese Operetta [Medley] [Piano Score] Piano Score pno / orch Manuscript 1
Music list
  • Aichinger, Factus est repente
  • Aichinger, Regina caeli
  • Handl, Ecce concipies
  • Handl, Ecce quomodo
  • Handl, Resonet in laudibus
  • Hassler, Cantate Domino
  • Hassler, Laetentur caeli
  • Hassler, Tu es Petrus
  • Praetorius, Puer natus
  • Praetorius, Salve Rex noster
  • Senfl, Deus in adjutorium
  • Walter, Verbum caro
Petti German School for four voices SATB - Chester 18
Music list
  • Trad (Sotho), Mangwani M'pulele
  • Trad (Nigerian), O-re-mi
  • Trad (Zulu), Asikha thali
  • Trad (Zulu), Hamba Lulu
  • Trad, Karanga Walking Song
Brewer Hamba Lulu: Five African Songs SATB div. perc. ad lib. Faber Music 30
Music list
  • Hassler, Angelus ad pastores ait
  • Palestrina, Canite tuba in Sion
  • Marenzio, Hodie Christus natus est!
  • Aichinger, Noe, noe, noe
  • Morales, Pastores, dicite, quidnam vidistis?
  • Guerrero, Pastores loquebantur ad invicem
  • de cristo, Quaeramus cum pastoribus
  • Esquivel, Veni Domine, et noli tardare
  • Esquivel, Vox clamantis in deserto
Various Hodie Christus natus est - Motets for Advent & Christmas SATB div. - Mapa Mundi 9
Music list
  • Waller/Brooks/Gritton, Ain't misbehavin'
  • Mercer/Parsons/Carter, Autumn Leaves
  • Porter/Carter, Begin the Bequine
  • Hart/Blackwell, Blue Moon
  • Magidson/Blackwell, The Continental
  • Parish/Carter/Blackwell, Deep Purple
  • Gershwin/Clapham, I got rhythm
  • Raskin/Mercer/Williams, Laura
  • Porter/Blackwell, Let's do it
  • Harburg/Turner, Over the rainbow
  • Laine/Williams, She was beautiful
  • Harbach/Blackwell, Smoke gets in your eyes
  • Gershwin/Williams, Summer time
  • Gershwin/Blackwell, 'S wonderful
  • Caesar/Gritton, Tea for two
  • Porter/Carter, Night and day
  • Garland/Gritton, In the mood
Blackwell In the Mood [17 popular classics] SATB div. pno OUP 107
Collection   King of Glory - Anthems for Choirs SATB div. organ Novello 44
Music list
  • Anon, Dindirin, dindirin
  • Arcadelt, Il bianco e dolce cigno
  • Bartlet, Of all the birds that I do know
  • Bennet, All creatures now
  • Brahms, Nachtwache No.1
  • Britten, The Evening Primrose
  • Campion, Never weather-beaten sail
  • Cornelius, So weich und warm
  • Debussy, Trois Chansons de Charles d'Orléans
  • Delius, To be sung of a summer night on the water
  • Dowland, Come, heavy sleep
  • Dowland, Can she excuse my wrongs
  • Dowland, Weep you no more, sad fountains
  • Elgar, As torrents in summer
  • Elgar, My love dwelt in a Northern land
  • Elgar, There is sweet music
  • Farmer, Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone
  • Finzi, My spirit sang all day
  • Ford, Since first I saw your face
  • Gabrieli G., Lieto godea
  • Gastoldi, Amor vittorioso
  • Gibbons, Ah, dear heart
  • Gibbons, The Silver Swan
  • Gibbons, What is our life?
  • Hassler, Tanzen und springen
  • Hassler, Ach, Weh des Leiden
  • Haydn, Die Harmonie in der Ehe
  • Isaac, Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen
  • Jones, Farewell, dear love
  • Josquin, Mille regrets
  • Lassus, Chi chi li chi
  • Lassus, La nuit froide et sombre
  • Lassus, Bonjour mon coeur
  • Lassus, Matona mia cara
  • Le Jeune, Revoici venir du printemps
  • Marenzio, Crudel perché mi fuggi
  • Marenzio, Scaldava il sol
  • Monteverdi, O Mirtillo, Mirtillo, anima mia
  • Monteverdi, Ohimè se tanto amate
  • Monteverdi, Lamento d'Arianna
  • Morley, My bonny lass she smileth
  • Morley, Now is the month of maying
  • Parry, Music, when soft voices die
  • Passereau, Il est bel et bon
  • Pearsall, Lay a garland
  • Pilkington, Rest, sweet nymphs
  • Rore, Ancor che col partire
  • Sandrin, Douce mémoire
  • Schubert, Der Tanz
  • Senfl, Ach Elsein, liebes Elselein
  • de Sermisy, Au joli bois
  • Stanford, The Bluebird
  • Stanford, Heraclitus
  • Sullivan, The long day closes
  • Vaughan Williams, Three Shakespeare Songs
  • Vautor, Sweet Suffolk Owl
  • Weelkes, Thule, the period of cosmography (part 1)
  • Weelkes, The Andalusian Merchant (part 2)
  • Wilbye, Draw on, sweet Night
  • Wilbye, Weep, weep, mine eyes
Bartlett Madrigals and Partsongs SATB div. - OUP 159
Music list
  • Magalhães, Asperges me
  • Lobo, Pater, peccavi
  • Correia, Hostias et preces
  • Guerrero, Quasi cedrus
  • de cristo, Inter vestibulum et altare
  • Morales, Tu es Petrus
  • Cardoso, Nemo te condemnavit
  • Cardoso, Aquam quam ego dabo
Moody Masterworks from Lisbon SATB div. - Faber Music 31
Music list
  • Trad., My love is like a red, red rose
  • Handel, Ombra mai fu
  • Wagner, Wedding March from Lohengrin
  • Trad., Londonderry Air
  • L'Estrange, She Walks in Beauty
  • Beethoven, Ode to Joy
  • Rodgers, You'll never walk alone
  • Coulter / Martin, Congratulations
  • Elton John, Circle of Life
  • Trad., Auld Lang Syne
Parry / L'Estrange Music for Special Occasions [Secular] SAA (opt.B) pno Faber Music 200
Music list
  • Byrd, Hail, true body, born of Mary (Ave verum corpus)
  • Byrd, Let the priests make offering
  • Byrd, O sacred and holy feast (O sacrum convivium)
  • Bullock, Wherefore, O Father
  • Causton, O sacred and holy banquet
  • Dowland, My spirit longs for thee
  • Harwood, O Sacred Banquet
  • Harwood, With Angels' Food
  • Holman, Thee, we adore
  • Hutchings, Victim Divine, thy grace we claim
  • Lassus, We adore thee, O Christ
  • Marchant, Very Bread, good Shepherd, tend us
  • Nicholson, Therefore we, before him bending (Tantum ergo)
  • Palestrina, Very Bread, good Shepherd, tend us
  • Pearsall, Blessed Word of God Incarnate
  • Pearsall, Therefore we, before him bending
  • Tye, Once, only once, and once for all
  • Victoria, Hail, true Body, born of Mary
  • Victoria, Jesu, the very thought is sweet
  • Victoria, Therefore we, before him bending
  • Whitlock, Here, O my Lord
  • Wood, O Most Merciful!
  Music for the Holy Communion SATB organ RSCM 24
Music list
  • How, Advent Message
  • Archer, And I saw a new Heaven
  • Arcadel, Ave Maria
  • Pearsall, Ave Verum Corpus
  • Saint-Saëns, Ave Verum Corpus
  • Mozart, Ave Verum Corpus K.618
  • Chilcott, Be thou my vision
  • Pearsall, Blessed word of God incarnate
  • Bullard, Brightest and best
  • Bain/McLeith, Brother James' Air
  • Pitoni, Contate Domino
  • Thorne, Christ is our cornerstone
  • Foster, Christ the Lord is risen again!
  • Pitoni, Come ye with joyfulness
  • Attwood, Come, Holy Ghost
  • How, Come, Lord Jesus
  • Thatcher, Come, ye faithful
  • How, Day by day
  • Gibbons, Drop, drop, slow tears
  • Lully, Far away, what splendour comes this way
  • Harris, Fear not, O land
  • Bullard, For all thy sins
  • Carter, For the beauty of the earth
  • Wilby, God be in my head
  • Walford Davies, God be in my head
  • Stainer, God so loved the world (The crucifixtion)
  • Arcadelt, Hail Virgin Mary
  • Carter, Holy Spirit, Truth Divine
  • Schubert, Holy, Holy, Holy
  • Halls, Hosanna to the son of David
  • Sweelinck, How brightly beams the morning star
  • Aston, I give you a new commandment
  • Halls, I will thank thee, O Lord
  • Tallis, If ye love me
  • Correa, Is it nothing to you
  • J. S. Bach, Jesu, joy of man's desiring (Cantata BWV 147)
  • Saint-Saëns, Jesu, Lamb of God redeemer
  • Lole, Jesu, the very thought of thee
  • Rudolph, Jesu the very thought of thee
  • Carter, Joy is come
  • Isom, King of all ages, throned on high
  • Wesley, Lead me, Lord
  • Vaughen Williams, Let us now praise famous men
  • Hurford, Littany to the Holy Spirit
  • Willcocks, Love divine, all love excelling
  • Farrant, Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake
  • Handel, Lord I trust thee
  • Ledger, Loving shepherd of tby sheep
  • Howells, My eyes for beauty pine
  • Shephard, My Lord and Saviour is my song
  • Tye, O come, ye servants of the Lord
  • Elgar, O Salutarius Hostis (No. 3)
  • Elgar, O saving victim
  • Goss, O Saviour of the World
  • Vaughan Williams, O taste and see
  • Blackwell, O thou, whose all redeeming might
  • Correa, O Vos Omnes
  • Archer, People, look east
  • Bullard, Praise thee the Lord
  • Shephard, Song of Mary
  • Bullard, Star of the east
  • Attwood, Teach me, O Lord
  • Archer, The Lord goes up
  • Macbeth Bain, The Lord's my shepherd
  • Rutter, The peace of God
  • Ellis, There is no rose
  • Bevan, There's a wideness in God's mercy
  • Wood, This joyful Eatertide
  • Bourne, Thou art God
  • Purcell, Thou knowest, Lord
  • Rutter, Thy perfect love
  • Waters, Virgin-born, we bow to thee
  • Halls, Wash me thouroughly
  New Oxford Easy Anthem Book SATB organ OUP 40
Music list
  • Ord, Adam lay ybounden
  • Trad/Pettman, The angel Gabriel from heaven came
  • Kirkpatrick/Hill, Away in a manger
  • Warlock, Balulalow
  • Warlock, Bethlehem Down
  • Bingham, The Clouded Heaven
  • Trad/Wood, Ding Dong! Merrily on high
  • Bingham, Epiphany
  • Tavener, God is with us
  • Trad/Hill, God rest you merry, gentlemen
  • Mendelssohn/Hill, Hark! The herald angels sing
  • Berkeley, I sing of a maiden
  • Weir, Illuminare, Jerusalem
  • Trad/J.S. Bach, In dulci jubilo
  • Walker, In the bleak mid-winter
  • Trad/Sullivan, It came upon the midnight clear
  • Willis/Rose, It came upon the midnight clear
  • Pierpont/Allwood, Jingle bells
  • Cornelius, The Kings
  • Tavener, The Lamb
  • Trad/Massey, Long the night
  • Leighton, Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child
  • Edwards, No small wonder
  • Jackson, Nöel nouvelet
  • Wade/Willcocks, O come, all ye faithful
  • Wade/Hill, O come, all ye faithful
  • Trad/Vaughan Williams, O little town of Bethlehem
  • Lauridsen, O magnum mysterium
  • Victoria, O magnum mysterium
  • Trad/Lloyd, Of the Father's love begotten
  • Bennett, On Christmas day
  • Trad/O'Donnell, Once in royal David's city
  • Nelson, Out of your sleep
  • Trad/Hill, Rocking
  • Goss/Lloyd, See, amid the winter's snow
  • Grüber/Rose, Silent night
  • Trad/Hill, Sing lullaby!
  • Skellern, So said the angel
  • Gant, Still, still, still
  • Bax/Dawkes, There is no rose
  • Joubert, There is no rose
  • Byrd, This day Christ was born
  • Gardner, Tomorrow shall be my dancing day
  • Trad/Carter, The twelve days of Christmas
  • Hopkins/Allwood, We three kings
  • Hopkins/Alwood, We wish you a merry Christmas
  • Trad/McWilliam, While shepherds watched their flocks by night
Hill Noel! SATB div. unaccomp / org Novello 50
Music list
  • Mawby, God saw all that he had made
  • Hooper, Teach me thy way, O Lord
  • Stanford, Jubilate in C
  • Surplice, Psalm 150 O praise God in his holiness
  O come, let us sing (Festival of Psalms) SATB organ RSCM 35
Music list
  • Beethoven, Prisoners' Chorus (Fidelio)
  • Berlioz, Roman Carnival (Benvenuto Cellini)
  • Bizet, Habanera (Carmen)
  • Bizet, March of the Toreadors (Carmen)
  • Borodin, Polovtsian Dances (Prince Igor)
  • Donizetti, Chorus of Wedding Guests (Lucia di Lammermoor)
  • Gounod, Soldiers' Chorus (Faust)
  • Handel, Chorus of Enchanted Islanders (Alcina)
  • Leoncavallo, Bell Chorus (Pagliacci)
  • Mascagni, Easter Hymn (Cavalleria Rusticana)
  • Mozart, Priests' Chorus (Die Zauberflöte)
  • Mozart, Voyagers' Chorus (Idomeneo)
  • Mussorgsky, Coronation Scene (Boris Godunov)
  • Puccini, Humming Chorus (Madama Butterfly)
  • Purcell, Dido's Lament and Final Chorus (Dido & Aeneas)
  • Rimsky-Korsakov, Procession of the Nobles (Mlada)
  • Rossini, Prayer (Moïse)
  • Rossini, Villagers' Chorus (Guillaume Tell)
  • Tchaikovsky, Chorus of Peasant Girls (Eugene Onegin)
  • Tchaikovsky, Waltz Scene (Eugene Onegin)
  • Verdi, Anvil Chorus (Il Trovatore)
  • Verdi, Brindisi (La Traviata)
  • Verdi, Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves (Nabucco)
  • Verdi, Chorus of the Scottish Refugees (Macbeth)
  • Verdi, Matadors' Chorus (La Traviata)
  • Verdi, Rataplan (La Forza del Destino)
  • Verdi, Soldiers' Chorus (Il Trovatore)
  • Verdi, Triumphal Scene (Aida)
  • Verdi, Witches' Chorus (Macbeth)
  • Wagner, Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin)
  • Wagner, Pilgrims' Chorus (Tannhäuser)
  • Wagner, Procession and Chorale (Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg)
  • Wagner, Sailors' Chorus (Der Fliegende Holländer)
  • Wagner, Spinning Chorus (Der Fliegende Holländer)
  • Weber, Huntsmen's Chorus (Der Freischütz)
John Rutter Opera Choruses [Oxford Choral Classics] SATB + soli orch / pno OUP 60
Collection RVW Oxford Book of Carols SATB organ OUP 53
Music list
  • Wilbye, Adieu, sweet Amaryllis
  • Tomkins, Adieu, ye city-prisoning towers
  • Gibbons, Ah, dear heart
  • Bennet, All creatures now
  • Morley, April is in my mistress' face
  • Weelkes, As Vatsa was
  • Greaves, Come away, sweet love
  • Cavendish, Come, gentle swains
  • Ward, Come, sable night
  • Weelkes, Come, sirrah Jack, ho!
  • Farnaby, Consture my meaning
  • Gibbons, Dainty fine bird
  • Wilbye, Draw on, sweet night
  • Farmer, Fair nymphs, I herad one telling
  • Farmer, Fair Phyllis I saw
  • Wilbye, Flora gave me fairest flowers
  • Morley, Fyer, fyer!
  • Morley, Hard by a crystal fountain
  • Weelkes, Hark, all ye lovely saints
  • Weelkes, Hence, care, thou art too cruel
  • Morley, I love, alas, I love thee
  • Wilbye, Lady, when I behold
  • Morley, Leave, alas, this tormenting
  • Byrd, Lullaby, my sweet little baby
  • Vautor, Mother, I will have a husband
  • Tomkins, Music divine
  • Morley, My bonny lass she smileth
  • East, No haste but good!
  • Morley, Now is the month maying
  • Weelkes, O care, thou wilt despatch me
  • Gibbons, O that the learned poets
  • Ward, Out from the vale
  • Wilbye, O what shall I do?
  • Tomkins, O yes! Has any found a lad?
  • East, Poor is the life
  • East, Quick, quick, away, dispatch!
  • Tomkins, See, see the shepherds' queen
  • Kirkbye, See what a maze of error
  • Weelkes, Since Robin Hood
  • Morley, Sing we chant it
  • Weelkes, Sing we at pleasure
  • Ramsey, Sleep, fleshly birth
  • Weelkes, Strike it up, tabor
  • Wilbye, Sweet honey-sucking bees
  • Vautor, Sweet Suffolk owl
  • Weelkes, The Andalusian merchant
  • Gibbons, The silver swan
  • Byrd, This sweet and merry month of May
  • Bateson, Those sweet delightful lilies
  • Byrd, Though Amaryllis dance
  • Morley, Though Philomela lost her love
  • Morley, Thule, the period of cosmography
  • Weelkes, Thus sings my dearest jewel
  • Tomkins, Too much I once lamented
  • Gibbons, Trust not too much, fair youth
  • Bennet, Weep, O mine eyes
  • Wilbye, Weep, weep, mine eyes
  • Gibbons, What is our life?
  • Morley, Whither away so fast?
  • Wilbye, Yet, sweet, teake heed
Ledger Oxford Book of English Madrigals SATB div. - OUP 105
Music list
  • Weelkes/Bray, Alleluia. I heard a voice
  • Gibbons/le Huray/ Willcocks, Almighty and everlasting God
  • Philips/le Huray, Ascendit Deus
  • Parsons/Steinitz, Ave Maria
  • Byrd/Morehen, Ave verum Corpus
  • Farrant/Greening, Call to remembrance
  • Dering/Greening, Factum est silentium
  • Tye/ Greening, Give almes of thy goods
  • Weelkes/Collins, Gloria in excelsis Deo
  • Byrd/le Huray/Willcocks, Haec dies
  • Farrant/Greening, Hide not thou thy face
  • Gibbons/Greening, Hosanna to the Son of David
  • Weelkes/Morehen, Hosanna to the Son of David
  • Tallis/le Huray, If ye love me
  • Tomkins/Greening, I heard a voice
  • Byrd/Greening, Justorum animae
  • Byrd/Bray, Laetentur coeli
  • Mudd/Collins, Let thy merciful ears
  • Farrant/Hilton/Greening, Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake
  • Byrd/Morhen, Miserere mei
  • Gibbons/Morehen, O clap your hands
  • Weelkes/Bray, O Lord, arise
  • Gibbons/Morehen, O Lord, in thy wrath
  • Mundy/Le Huray, O Lord, the maker
  • Tallis/Greening, O nata lux
  • Batten/Greening, O praise the Lord
  • Byrd/Bray, O quam gloriosum
  • Tallis/le Huray, Salvator mundi
  • Byrd/Morehen, Sing joyfully
  • Byrd/Morehen, Teach me, O Lord
  • Byrd/Morehen, This day Christ was born
  • Gibbons/le Huray, This is the record of John
  • Tomkins/Morehen, When David heard
  • Weelkes/Greening, When David herad
  • Tallis/le Huray, With all our hearts
Morris Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems SATB div. - OUP 45
Collection   Penguin Book of Rounds SATB - Penguin 9
Music list
  • Newman, Dayton Ohio
  • Prado & Russell, Time Was
  • Bridge, The Goslings
  • Coward, There are bad times just around the corner
  • Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge over troubled water
  • Simon & Garfunkel, America
  • Simon & Garfunkel, Scarborough Fair / Canticle
  • Lennon & McCartney, Penny Lane
  • Lennon & McCartney, She's leaving home
  • King, You've got a friend
  • King, Tapestry
  • Collins, The moon's a harsh mistress
  • Sondheim, Send in the clowns
  • Burleigh, The Gospel Train
  • African Folk Song, Honey, Honey
Murray Popular Songs SATB piano David Murray 50
Collection Watkins Shaw Preces & Responses [Tudor] SATB div. - OUP 223
Music list
  • Rachmaninov, Blessed is the man (The All Night Vigil Op. 37)
  • Rachmaninov, Come let us worship (All Night Vigil op. 37)
  • Tchaikovsky, How blessed are they that are chosen by thee
  • Kontakion and Ikos for the funeral service
  • Chesnokov, Let my prayer arise
  • Arvo Part, Mother of God and Virgin
  • Schnittke, Movement IV, Concerto for mixed chorus
  • Tchaikovsky, O Praise Him, Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Op.41
  • Tavener, Otche Nash
  • Stravinsky, Pater Noster
  • Grechaninov, The Cherubic Hymn, Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom Op. 29
  • Rachmaninov, The Cherubic Hymn, Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom Op. 31
  • Tchaikovsky, The Cherubic Hymn, Liturgy of St. John Chrysosstom Op.41
  • Tchaikovsky, The Lord's Prayer, Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Op. 41
  • Labinski, We sing to thee
  • Tchaikovsky, When Jesus Christ was yet a child, Chansons pour la Jeunesse, Op 54 No. 5
Allwood Russian Choral Masterpieces SATB div. - Novello 80
Collection   Second Book of Christmas Carols SATB organ Penguin 36
Music list
  • Mozart, Veni Sancte Spiritus
  • Mozart, Benedictus sit Deus
  • Mozart, Venite Populi
  • Mozart, Sancta Maria, Mater Dei
  • Mozart, Ave verum corpus
  • Mozart, Jesu, wahrer Gottessohn
Denis McCaldin Six Motets [W.A. Mozart] SATB organ Faber Music 56
Music list
  • Tallis, Audivi, media nocte
  • Palestrina, Benedictus qui venit
  • Batten, Deliver us, O Lord our God
  • Viadana, Exultate Justi
  • Palestrina, Holy, Holy, Holy
  • Batten, Let my complaint come before thee
  • Amner, Lift up your heads O ye gates
  • Batten, Lord, we beseech thee
  • Morley, Nolo mortem peccatoris
  • Victoria, Of the glorious Body telling
  • Tye, O God, be merciful
  • Tallis, O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit
  • Anon, O Lord, the maker of all thing
  • Tomkins, O pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • Batten, O sing joyfully
  • Anon, Rejoice in the Lord always
  • Byrd, Sacerdotes Domini
  • Tye, Sing unto the Lord
  • Anon, This is the day
  • Batten, When the Lord turned again
Morris Sixteenth Century Anthem Book SATB - OUP 42
Music list
  • Trad, Hamba Lulu
  • Trad, Jesu Ukukhanya
  • Trad, Si Njay Njay Njay
  • Trad, Weeping (N'kosi Sikeleli Africa)
L'Estrange Songs of a Rainbow Nation [SA version] SA pno Faber Music 250
Music list
  • Trad, Hamba Lulu
  • Trad, Jesu Ukukhanya
  • Trad, Si Njay Njay Njay
  • Trad, Weeping (N'kosi Sikeleli Africa)
L'Estrange Songs of a Rainbow Nation [SAB version] SAB pno Faber Music 90
Music list
  • Esquivel, Ego Sum Panis Vivus
  • Guerrero, Canite Tuba
  • Guerrero, Gloriose Confessor
  • Morales, Peccantem Me Quotidie
  • Morales, Regina Caeli
  • Morales, Simile Est Regnum
  • Ortiz, Janitor Caeli
  • Rivaflecha, Anima Mea
  • Victoria, Ave Maria
  • Victoria, O Magnum Mysterium
  • Victoria, O Vos Omnes
  • Victoria, Pueri Hebraeorum
Petti Spanish School for four voices SATB - Chester 96
Collection   The Grey Book SATB - Voci Cantanti 4
Music list
  • Paich & Porcaro / Lawson, Africa
  • Lloyd Webber / Chilcott, All I Ask of You
  • Lennon & McCartney / Runswick, Blackbird
  • Trad / Knight, Danny Boy
  • Trad / Lawson, Down to the River to Pray
  • Simeone / McCarthy, The Little Drummer Boy
  • Sullivan, The Long Day Closes
  • Joel / Lawson, Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
  • Lennon & McCartney / Chilcott, Penny Lane
  • Trad / Davis, Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow
  • Trad / Knight, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  • Menken / Lawson, Under the Sea
  • Trad / Lawson, The Water is Wide (O Waly, Waly)
  The King's Singers 40th Anniversary Collection SATB div. - Hal Leonard 43
Music list
  • Kosma, Autumn Leaves
  • Porter, Anything Goes
  • Leigh, Don't it make my brown eyes blue
  • Porter, Everytime we say goodbye
  • Foster, Jeanie with the light brown hair
  • Porter, Let's do it
  • Shearing, Lullaby of Birdland
  • Bergman, The Way We Were
  • Gershwin, Love is here to stay
  • Gershwin, They can't take that away from me
  • Kern, The way you look tonight
Simmons The Memory of All That SATB pno Alan Simmons Music 40
Music list
  • A Boy was Born in Bethlehem
  • A child this day is born
  • A kiss for the baby
  • A little child there is ybore
  • A virgin most pure
  • Adeste fideles
  • Angel unto Mary
  • Angels from the realms of glory
  • Angels in the skies are singing
  • Angelus ad virginem
  • As I sat on a sunny bank
  • Ashwell Carol
  • Boar's head in heand bear I, The
  • Boy's Carol
  • Canção de Natal (Beijai o Menino)
  • Christ was born on Christmas day
  • Corde natus
  • Coventry Carol
  • Cradle song
  • Cranham
  • Ding dong! Merrily on High
  • Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen
  • First Nowell
  • Forest Green
  • God Rest you Merry
  • Good King Wenceslas
  • Hajej, nynej
  • Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  • He whom Shepherds Apprehended
  • Holly and the Ivy
  • In dulci jubilo
  • In the bleak mid-winter
  • Irby
  • It came upon a midnight clear
  • Joseph and Mary
  • Joseph, dearest Joseph mine
  • La Guignolée
  • Leaping and Dancing
  • Lullay, mine liking
  • Lully, Lulla
  • Noel
  • Noel! Merrily on high
  • O Bethlehem!
  • O Come, all ye Faithful
  • O Jesu, Sweet child
  • O little town of Bethlehem
  • Of the Fathers love begotten
  • On Christmas night
  • Once in Royal David's city
  • Our little Lord is born
  • Saint Joseph's carol
  • Shepherds' Rocking Carol
  • Shepherds we, the valashi
  • Silent Night, Holy Night
  • Song of the nuns of Chester
  • This Endris Night
  • Tomorrow shall be my dancing day
  • Unto us is born a son
  • Wassail Song
  • Welcome, Child of Mary
  • While Shepherds Watched
  • Wincester Old
  • World's Fair Rose, The
Poston The Penguin Book of Christmas Carols SATB - Penguin 3
Music list
  • Bateson, Down from above
  • Bateson, If Love be blind
  • Bateson, Phyllis, farewell
  • Bateson, Whither so fast
  • Bennett, O sleep, fond fancy
  • Bennett, Weep, O mine eyes
  • Bennett, Ye restless thoughts
  • Byrd, This sweet and merry month
  • Farmer, A little pretty bonny lass
  • Farmer, Fair Phyllis
  • Farmer, Take time
  • Farnaby, Ay me, poor heart
  • Farnaby, Construe my meaning
  • Farnaby, Some time she would
  • Farnaby, The curtain drawn
  • Morley, April is in my mistress' face
  • Morley, Die now, my heart
  • Morley, Now is the gentle season; In the fields abroad
  • Morley, Say, gentle nymphs
  • Mundy, My prime of youth
  • Pilkington, Amyntas with his Phylliss fair
  • Pilkington, Have I found her?
  • Pilkington, Palaemon and his Sylvia
  • Pilkington, What though her frowns
  • Pilkington, Why should I grieve?
  • Wilbye, Adieu, sweet Amaryllis
  • Wilbye, As matchless beauty
  • Wilbye, Lady, when I behold
  • Wilbye, Thus saith my Cloris bright
Stevens The Penguin Book of English Madrigals SATB - Penguin 17
Music list
  • Trad/Woodgate, The National Anthem
  • Morley, Now is the month of maying
  • Gibbons, The Silver Swan
  • Farmer, Fair Phyllis
  • Wilbye, Flora gave me fairest flower
  • Tye, Lord, for they tender mercies' sake
  • Purcell, In our deep vaulted cell (Dido and Aeneas)
  • Arne, Which is the properist day to drink?
  • Stevens, The cloud-capt towers
  • Hatton, Over hill, over dale
  • Jackson, Address to the wood-lark
  • Hatton, What is got by sighing?
  • Pearsall, I saw lovely Phillis
  • Trad/Woodgate, O come all ye faithful
  • Trad/Woodgate, The Coventry Carol
  • Trad/Woodgate, I know de Lord's laid his hands on me
  • Trad/Woodgate, Ev'ry time I feel de spirit
  • Trad/Woodgate, Men of Harlech
  • Trad/Woodgate, O No John
  • Gombert, Salutaris Angelica
  • Arcadelt, Ave Maria
  • Palestrina, Mori Quasi Il Mio Core
  • Vecchi, Il bianco e dolce cingo
  • Lassus, Echo Song
  • Brahms, In Stiller Nacht
  • Brahms, Abschiedslied
  • Morley, See, see mine own sweet jewel
  • Este, How merrily we live
  • Cooke, Amen
  • Hatton, When evening's twilight
  • Callcott, To all you ladies now on land
  • Harrington, Benedictio ante coenam
  • Barnby, Sweet and low
  • Trad/Woodgate, The London waits
  • Trad/Woodgate, Come sweet lass
  • Trad/Woodgate, Caleno custore me
  • Mendelssohn, Waken Lords and Ladies gay
  • Cornelius, Requiem Aeternam
  • Lawes, Great Tom is cast
  • Morley, Sweet Nymph
  • Anon, The new-fashioned echo
  • Purcell, My Dearest, My Fairest
  • Stevens, Sigh no more, Ladies
  • Trad/Woodgate, A Christmas round
  • Trad/Woodgate, Greensleeves
  • Trad/Woodgate, O dear, what can the matter be?
  • Trad/Woodgate, Golden Slumbers
  • Trad/Woodgate, Bobby Shafto
  • Lassus, Adoramus te
  • Mendelssohn, O wert thou in the could blest
  • Liszt, Christus ist geboren
  • Liszt, Tantum Ergo
  • Brahms, Regina Coeli
  • Trad/Woodgate, In praise of singing
  • Anon, Here's a health to all good lasses
  • Webbe, Would you know my Celia's charms?
  • Croft, The mighty bowl
  • Harrington, Laughing catch
  • Travers, Life is a jest
Woodgate The Penguin Part Song Book SATB - Penguin 10
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Cooke   Fall, leaves, fall SATB - Novello 58
Cooke   God Lyaeus SATB - Novello 50
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Crusell   Clarinet Concerto in Fm Opus 5 [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
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