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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
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This field indicates the total number of copies we hold.
Gabriel   Deep Jordan's bank I tread [also in Welsh] SATB - Snell 29
Gabrieli A. Simkins Magnificat for Three Choirs SSAA SATB ATBB - Curwen 40
Gabrieli A. Jon Dixon Magnificat octavi toni SSAT SATB ATBB - Joed Music 47
Gabrieli A. Denis Arnold Ten Madrigals SATB div. - OUP 35
Gabrieli G. Stevens In Ecclesiis STTB [SATB] orch / organ Novello 85
Gabrieli G. Woodworth Jubilate Deo SSAA TTBB organ + brass Schirmer 94
Gabrieli G. Jon Dixon O magnum mysterium [Joed Music] SSAT ATBB - Joed Music 45
Gabrieli G. Llewellyn O magnum mysterium [Novello] SATB ATBB organ / brass Novello 150
Gabrieli G.   Surrexit Christus SATB organ Novello 32
Gange   Unto us a boy is born [Christmas Suite] SATB organ Roberton 40
Gardiner, Henry Balfour   Cargoes SATB pno Novello 60
Gardiner, Henry Balfour   Evening Hymn SATB organ Novello 366
Gardiner, Henry Balfour   Sir Eglamore SS pno Novello 14
Gardner   A latter day Athenian speaks SSAATTBB - OUP 51
Gardner   Fear no more the heat o' the sun SSATB - Novello 57
Gardner   God of grace and God of glory SATB pno Hinshaw 38
Gardner   Nearer, my God, to thee SATB orch / piano OUP 18
Gardner   O clap your hands SATB organ OUP 150
Gardner   O little town of Bethlehem SATB pno OUP 45
Gardner   Our Captain calls all hands SSAATBB pno OUP 40
Gardner   Seven Songs [complete] SATB orch OUP 6
Gardner   Seven Songs [nos. 1-3 only] SATB orch / pno Composer's Facsimile 22
Gardner   The holly and the ivy [SATB] SATB pno / organ OUP 465
Gardner   The holly and the ivy [SSA] SSA pno / organ OUP 40
Gardner   Tomorrow shall be my dancing day SATB pno / perc OUP 488
Garrett   The Lord is loving SATB organ Novello 20
Gascogne   Caro mea SATB - Chester 50
Gates, David Chuck Cassey If SATB piano EMI Music 40
Gaul   Holy City SATB organ Novello 40
Gaul   This is the day SATB organ Patey & Willis 40
Gauntlett   I will go unto the altar of God SATB organ Novello 40
Geehl   What of thy flocks, O shepherd SATB pno Ashdown 36
Gelineau   Magnificat unison organ Ladies of the Grail 727
Gelineau   Psalms 42 / 22 unison organ Ladies of the Grail 900
German   Bread of heaven, on thee we feed SATB organ Novello 41
German   Here's a paradox for lovers SATB pno Chappell 40
German   Intercessory Hymn SATB organ Novello 40
German   Love is meant to make us glad SATBB pno Chappell 50
German   Madrigal SATB pno Chappell & co 15
German   O Peaceful England SATB pno Chappell 55
German   O Peaceful Night SATB pno Novello 45
German   Orpheus with his lute SATB pno Novello 13
German   Orpheus with his lute [SSA] SSA pno Novello 60
German   Rolling down to Rio SATB pno Novello 44
Gershwin Jay Althouse A Gershwin Jazz Trio [Medley] SATB - Alfred Music 80
Gershwin Stickles I got plenty o' nuttin' SATB pno Chappell 120
Gershwin Stickles I got plenty o' nuttin' [TTBB] TTBB pno Chappell 60
Gershwin Phillips I got rhythm SATBB - manuscript 123
Gershwin Stickles It ain't necessarily so SSA pno Chappell 30
Gershwin   Sing of Spring SATB pno Lawson - Gould 40
Gershwin Stickles Summertime [SATB] SATB pno Chappell 300
Gershwin Phillips Summertime [SSATB div.] SSATB div. - manuscript 80
Gershwin Stickles Summertime [SSA] SSA pno Chappell 65
Gesualdo   Ave, dulcissima Maria SATTB - APS 80
Gesualdo   Io pur respiro SATB - HAM No.161 40
Gibbons   Almighty and everlasting God [Novello] SATB - Novello 40
Gibbons Fellowes Almighty and everlasting God [OUP Fellowes] SATB - OUP 28
Gibbons Le Huray Almighty and everlasting God [OUP Le Huray] SATB - OUP 48
Gibbons Vining God so loved the world SSAATB organ Novello 39
Gibbons   Hosanna to the son of David [Novello] SSAATB - Novello 91
Gibbons Fellowes/Greening Hosanna to the son of David [OUP] SSAATTB - OUP 111
Gibbons   Lord, we beseech thee SATB [A] organ (viols) Novello 35
Gibbons Fellowes Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [2nd Service] SAATB + soli organ OUP 80
Gibbons   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Short Service] SATB organ OUP 117
Gibbons Morehen O clap your hands [in A flat] SSAATTBB - OUP 190
Gibbons Fellowes O clap your hands [in A] SSAATTBB - OUP 30
Gibbons   O Lord, increase my faith SATB - Novello 106
Gibbons   Preces & Responses SATB - OUP 82
Gibbons E. H. Fellowes Te Deum, Benedictus, Mag & Nunc [Short Service] SATB - OUP 60
Gibbons Fellowes The Silver Swan SATBB - Stainer & Bell 235
Gibbons William Palmer This is the record of John [alto solo] SAATB [A] organ Novello 80
Gibbons E. H. Fellowes This is the record of John [tenor solo] SAATB [T] organ OUP 40
Gibbons   Three seasonal hymns SATB organ Cathedral press 40
Gilbert   Bring us in good ale! SB pno Novello 40
Giles Bevan Almighty Lord and God of love SATB - OUP 44
Gilkyson John Leavitt The Bare Necessities SATB pno Hal Leonard 74
Gjeilo   Ubi Caritas SATB - Walton Music 160
Goehr   A Little Cantata of Proverbs SATB pno / organ Novello 51
Goehr   Five Poems & an Epigram of W Blake SATB trumpet Schott 29
Goldman   Sleep, little Jesus, sleep SATB [S] pno Roberton 33
Goldschmidt   A Tender Shoot SATB - Cathedral Music / RSCM 120
Goodall   Eternal Light (A Requiem) SATB + soli orch Faber Music 330
Goodall   Eternal Light (A Requiem) [Orchestral Set] (reduced version) Orchestral Set orchestra Faber Music 1
Goodall   Love Divine SATB pno Faber Music 180
Goodall   The Lord is my Shepherd [Psalm 23] SATB [S] organ / strings Faber Music 205
Gorecki   Szeroka Woda [Broad Waters] Opus 39 SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 48
Gorecki   Totus Tuus SATB div. - Boosey & Hawkes 255
Goss   Almighty and merciful God SATB organ Novello 11
Goss   If we believe that Jesus died SATB organ Novello 40
Goss   O Saviour of the world SATB org / unacc Novello 116
Goss Hamilton O taste and see [CPDL] SATB organ CPDL 29
Goss   O taste and see [Novello] SATB organ Novello 48
Goss   See amid the winter's snow SATB organ Novello 22
Goss   The Wilderness ATB + soli organ Novello 40
Gounod   Bethlehem [The shepherds' nativity hymn] SATB pno Boosey & Hawkes 22
Gounod   By Babylon's wave SATB organ Curwen 33
Gounod   Choral Fantasia on Faust SATB pno Novello 8
Gounod   Come unto Him all ye who labour SATTBB organ Novello 77
Gounod   Glory & love to the men of old SATB pno Novello 47
Gounod   Glory to Thee my God this night SATB organ Abbott 43
Gounod   Nazareth unison organ Novello 4
Gounod   Send out thy light SATB div. organ Novello 54
Gounod   The King of Love my Shepherd is SATB pno Ashdown 40
Gounod   There is a green hill far away SATB [S] organ Novello 41
Gowers   Ad Te Levavi SATB SATB organ Cathedral Music 40
Gowers   Viri Galilaei SATB SATB organ RSCM 120
Grainger   After-Word [c/s] SATB unison brass Bardic Edition 45
Grainger   Australian Up-Country Song SATB div. - Schott 40
Grainger   Brigg Fair SATB [T] - Schott 140
Grainger   Hunting-Song of the Seeonee Pack TTBB - Bardic Edition 30
Grainger   I'm seventeen come Sunday SATB pno / brass Schott 135
Grainger   Irish Tune from County Derry SATB organ / orch Schott 40
Grainger   Marching Tune SATB pno / brass Schott 45
Grainger   Night-Song in the Jungle TTBB - Bardic Edition 30
Grainger   Shallow Brown unison Chorus pno Schott 100
Grainger   The Running of Shindand TB div. - Schott 30
Grainger   The Sea-Wife SATB pno Schott 57
Grainger   Two Sea Shanties TB div. - Peters Edition 19
Grant   God of mercy, God of grace unison + desc organ manuscript 600
Grant   Igor's Mass [v/s + orch parts] SATB ww + brass manuscript 40
Grant   La Bethana [v/s + orch parts] SATB + soli brass manuscript 40
Grant   The earth is the Lord's unison organ / brass / timp manuscript 700
Grant (Cecil)   Take up Thy Cross SATB [S] organ Enoch 44
Graves   Come my way, my truth, my life SATB organ Novello 49
Gray   Benedictus in G SATB organ Novello 26
Gray   Jerusalem on High SATB organ OUP 28
Gray   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in F minor SATB SATB - Stainer & Bell 40
Gray   Oh! The sweet contentment SATB - Newman 11
Gray   Our market day TB pno Stainer & Bell 32
Gray   Te Deum in G SSATB organ Novello 26
Gray   What are these that glow from afar SATB organ Stainer & Bell 40
Greaves Fellowes Come away sweet love SSATB - Curwen 40
Green Phillips Let's stay together SATB + soli pno manuscript 15
Green Kershaw Sentimental Journey SATB pno manuscript 40
Greene Bullock Lord, let me know mine end [Bullock] SATB organ OUP 108
Greene Lyne Lord, let me know mine end [Lyne] SATB organ OUP 40
Greene   Thou visitest the earth SATB [TB] organ Novello 121
Gretchaninov   Missa Festiva Op.154 [c/s] SATB organ Schola Cantorum 40
Gretchaninov   Missa Festiva Op.154 [v/s] SATB organ Schola Cantorum 2
Gretchaninov   Nunc Dimittis SSAATTBB - Musica Russica 40
Gretchaninov   The Cherubic Hymn [Hymn to the Trinity] SATB div. - Bayley & Ferguson 50
Gretchaninov   Vo tsárstvii Tvoyém [In Thy Kingdom] SATB div. [A] - Musica Russica 10
Grey / Ellis   Spread a little happiness SATB - manuscript 46
Grieg   Holberg Suite [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set Strings 44332 Peters 1
Grier   Alleluia! I bring you news SATB div. - Faber Music 40
Grindle   What is that light? SATB organ Roberton 22
Grüber Rathbone Silent Night [Rathbone] SSAATTBB - Kikapust 65
Grüber Sargent Silent Night [Sargent] SATB div. - OUP 40
Grüber John E. West Silent Night [West] SATB [S] organ Novello 90
Grüber Cashmore Stille Nacht [Cashmore] SATB - OUP 78
Grüber Bawden Stille Nacht / Silent Night [Bawden] SATBB - Equinox 40
Guerrero   Duo Seraphim SATB x3 - Mapa Mundi 80
Guerrero Donald James Laudate Dominum SSAT SATB - Mapa Mundi 36
Guerrero Martyn Imrie Missa congratulamini mihi SSATBB - Mapa Mundi 45
Guerrero   Pastores loquebantur SSATBB - Mapa Mundi 40
Guest   For the Fallen ** with Edwards SATB - RSCM 271
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