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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
Stock Stock Level
This field indicates the total number of copies we hold.
Ireland   A Downland Suite [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set string orchestra Boosey & Hawkes 1
Ireland   Adam lay ybounden SATB - Freeman 155
Ireland   Benedictus in F SATB organ Novello 28
Ireland   Communion Service in C SATB organ Novello 60
Ireland   Greater love hath no man SATB div. organ Stainer & Bell 524
Ireland Akerman In Praise of Neptune SATB pno Year Book Press 18
Ireland   Jubilate in F SATB organ Novello 112
Ireland   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in F SATB organ Novello 215
Ireland   Te Deum in F [congregation part] unison organ Novello 382
Ireland   Te Deum in F [SATB] SATB organ Novello 127
Ireland   The Echoing Green SS pno Curwen 6
Ireland   The Hills SATB - Stainer & Bell 200
Ireland   The Holy Boy SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 135
Ireland   Vexilla Regis [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set 2trp, 3trb, Org Stainer & Bell 1
Ireland   Vexilla Regis [v/s] SATB div. org / band Stainer & Bell 60
Irvine Janes The Lord is my shepherd SATB organ Weinberger 19
Isaac   Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen SATB - manuscript 30
Ives G.   Buy broom besoms SATB - Schirmer 78
Ives G.   Holy Communion Order One SATB organ RSCM 40
Ives G.   Listen Sweet Dove SATB organ RSCM 50
Ives G.   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Edington Service] SATB organ Roberton 35
Ives G.   Missa Brevis SATB [ST] organ OUP 41
Ives G.   The lark in the clear air SATB - Schirmer 125
Ives G.   The tailor and the mouse SATB - Schirmer 76
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