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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
Stock Stock Level
This field indicates the total number of copies we hold.
Jachet   O vos omnes SATB - Chester 40
Jackson   Blow ye the trumpet in Zion SATB organ Banks Music Publications 40
Jackson   Communion Service in G SATB organ OUP 78
Jackson   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in G SATB organ OUP 100
Jacob   Brother James' Air [SATB] SATB organ OUP 90
Jacob   Brother James' Air [SSA] SSA organ OUP 40
Jacob   Brother James' Air [unison + descant] unison + desc. organ OUP 61
Jacob   Concerto for horn and strings [piano score] Horn + strings pno Novello 1
Jacob   God Save the Queen SATB orch / organ Novello 331
Jacob   Highways [Cantata of Travel] [c/s] SATB pno / orch Novello 146
Jacob   Highways [Cantata of Travel] [v/s] SATB pno / orch Novello 2
Jacob   Song on May morning SATB pno Novello 41
Jacob   The spacious firmament on high unison piano OUP 20
Jacobs & Casey Brymer Grease [New Broadway Medley] SATB pno / band Hal Leonard 77
Jacobson   Choral Fantasia on 'Beggar's Opera' SATB pno Curwen 25
Jacobson   Follow me down to Carlow SATB pno Curwen 7
Jamouneau   For ye shall go out with joy SATB organ Jamouneau 31
Janacek   Elegie SATB + soli pno   1
Janacek Tucapsky Otcenas [Lord's Prayer] [Harp Part] Instrumental Set harp Roberton 1
Janacek Tucapsky Otcenas [Lord's Prayer] [Large Format v/s] SATB [S/T] organ & harp Roberton 3
Janacek Tucapsky Otcenas [Lord's Prayer] [v/s] SATB [S/T] organ & harp Roberton 175
Janequin Expert Le chant des oyseaux SATB - Salabert 40
Janes   O love that wilt not let me go SATB organ Weinberger 33
Janes   The lord's my shepherd SATB organ / pno Weinberger ltd. 20
Jenkins Nicholas Hare Adiemus [1st movement only] [arr. SATB] SATB pno / rec / perc Boosey & Hawkes 206
Jenkins   Adiemus [Songs of Sanctuary] [Full Score] SSAA strings / perc Boosey & Hawkes 1
Jenkins   Adiemus [Songs of Sanctuary] [v/s] SSAA pno / rec / perc Boosey & Hawkes 110
Jenkins   The Armed Man SATB + soli orch Boosey & Hawkes 740
Jenkins (Cyril)   Angels' Chorus SATB div. - Schirmer 40
Joel (Billy) Bob Chilcott And so it goes [King's Singers arr. for SATB Choir] SATB div. - Hal Leonard 50
John [Elton] Brymer The Lion King (Medley) [HL08637498] SATB pno Hal Leonard 133
John [Elton] Brymer The Lion King: The Broadway Musical (Choral Medley) [HL08741684] SATB pno Hal Leonard 40
John [Elton] Mac Huff Your Song SATB pno Hal Leonard 80
Johnston   Duncan Gray SATB pno Banks 36
Jones   O Lord, have thou respect SATB organ Novello 58
Jones   Shepherd of souls SATB organ Cramer 49
Joplin Bannan V. The Entertainer SATB div. - manuscript 75
Josquin Thompson Ave Coelorum Domina TTBB - Schirmer 4
Josquin   El grillo SATB - OUP 40
Joubert   Coverdale's Carol SATB organ Novello 63
Joubert   Lord, Thou hast been our refuge SATB organ Novello 40
Joubert   O Lorde, the maker of al thing SATB organ Novello 121
Joubert   There is no rose SATB - Novello 220
Joubert   Three Carols Opus 102 SATB div. - Novello 40
Joubert   Torches SATB organ Novello 198
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