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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
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This field indicates the total number of copies we hold.
Tallis West All people that on earth do dwell SATB - Bayley & Ferguson 69
Tallis Alistair Dixon Beati Immaculati SATTB - Cantiones Press 30
Tallis   Blessed be the Lord TTBB - Associated Music 10
Tallis   Festal Responses SATB - OUP 40
Tallis Doe Hear the voice of prayer SATB - Novello 49
Tallis Simkins If ye love me [Hinrichsen] SATB - Hinrichsen 40
Tallis   If ye love me [Novello] SATB - Novello 77
Tallis Le Huray If ye love me [OUP / Le Huray] SATB - OUP 149
Tallis Philip Brett Lamentations of Jeremiah [ATTBB] ATTBB - OUP 20
Tallis Percy Buck Lamentations of Jeremiah [SATTB] SATTB - OUP 85
Tallis Ellingwood Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Dorian] SATB (organ) Stainer & Bell 29
Tallis   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Fauxbourdons] SAATB (or SATTB) - APS 45
Tallis Simkins Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Short Service] SATB - OUP 50
Tallis Jon Dixon Mass for four voices SATB - Joed Music 40
Tallis Jon Dixon Miserere nostri & Loquebantur variis linguis SSAATBB - Joed Music 40
Tallis David Wulstan Missa Puer natus est nobis SSAATBB - Voces Musicales 82
Tallis Buck O God, be merciful SATB - OUP 28
Tallis Harwood O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit SATB organ Novello 57
Tallis Fellowes O nata lux de lumine [Fellowes] SATTB - OUP 38
Tallis Greening O nata lux de lumine [Greening] SATTB - OUP 131
Tallis Liddle O sacrum convivium SAATB - Stainer & Bell 80
Tallis Simkins Preces & Responses [Men's Voices] ATTB (or TTBB) - OUP 45
Tallis Le Huray Salvator mundi SAATB - OUP 136
Tallis Phillips Sancte Deus S(S/A)TB - Mapa Mundi 119
Tallis Jon Dixon Spem in alium [Joed] [Bk1: Choirs 1 - 4 in G] 40-part - Joed Music 51
Tallis Jon Dixon Spem in alium [Joed] [Bk2: Choirs 5 - 8 in G] 40-part - Joed Music 50
Tallis Jon Dixon Spem in alium [Joed] [Complete Score: Choirs 1 - 8 in A] 40-part - Joed Music 1
Tallis Jon Dixon Spem in alium [Joed] [Complete Score: Choirs 1 - 8 in G] 40-part - Joed Music 1
Tallis Philip Brett Spem in alium [OUP] [Choirs 1- 8] 40-part - OUP 80
Tallis Kitson Te Deum, Benedictus, Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Dorian] SATB organ Bayley & Ferguson 17
Tallis Milsom Te lucis ante terminum SAATB - OUP 65
Tallis Ramsbotham This is my commandment SSATB - OUP 39
Tallis   Venite & Te Deum [Dorian Service] SATB organ [opt.] Stainer & Bell 40
Tate   Dry Bones SATB - OUP 42
Tavener   Adoremus SATB div. + soli organ Chester 40
Tavener   Angels SATB div. organ Chester 110
Tavener   Annunciation SATB div. [SATB] - Chester 40
Tavener   As one who has slept SATB SATB - Chester 108
Tavener   Christmas Choral Collection SATB div. various Chester 40
Tavener   Exhortation and Kohima SATB SATB - Chester 55
Tavener   Funeral Ikos SSATBB - Chester 160
Tavener   God is with us SATB [T] organ Chester 180
Tavener   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Collegium Regale] SATB div. - Chester 40
Tavener   Song for Athene SATB div. - Chester 460
Tavener   Svyati SATB div. vcl Chester 245
Tavener   Svyati [cello part] Cello   Chester 3
Tavener   The Lamb SATB - Chester 531
Tavener   The Lord's Prayer 1999 SATB - Chester 50
Tavener   The Tyger SATB div. - Chester 40
Tavener   They are all gone into the world of light SATBB - Chester 45
Tavener   Today the Virgin SATB div. - Chester 200
Tavener   Two Hymns to the Mother of God SSAATTBB - Chester 330
Taverner Greening Christe Jesu, Pastor Bone [Greening] SATBB - OUP 8
Taverner Skinner Christe Jesu, Pastor Bone [Skinner] SATBB - OUP 40
Taverner Brett Dum transisset Sabbatum SATBB - OUP 34
Taverner Fellowes Dum transisset Sabbatum SATBB - Stainer & Bell 106
Taverner Brett Mass 'The Western Wind' SATB - Stainer & Bell 2
Taverner Petti Mass 'The Western Wind' SATB - Chester 40
Taylor   Glorious things of thee are spoken SATB organ OUP 82
Taylor   Our Father SATB organ OUP 13
Taylor   Up the raw SATB pno Curwen 20
Tchaikovsky   Christ in his garden [Legend] SATB - Novello 80
Tchaikovsky Henderson Come, O blessed Lord SATB - Bayley & Ferguson 41
Tchaikovsky   Hear, Lord our God, have mercy SSAATTBB - Bayley & Ferguson 41
Tchaikovsky   Hymn to the Trinity SATB - Novello 84
Tchaikovsky   Souvenir de Florence Opus 70 [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra International 1
Tchaikovsky Jon Green The Nightingale SATB div. - Hinshaw 40
Telemann Erich Valentin Psalm 117 Laudate Jehovam [c/s] SATB orch / organ Bärenreiter 80
Telemann Erich Valentin Psalm 117 Laudate Jehovam [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Bärenreiter 1
Telemann Erich Valentin Psalm 117 Laudate Jehovam [v/s] SATB orch / organ Bärenreiter 4
Terry   Joseph and the Angel SATB - Curwen 40
Terry   Myn lyking SATB pno Curwen 40
Terry   So blyssid be the tyme SATB organ Curwen 40
Tessier   To lovely groves SATB - Landy 18
Thatcher   Come ye faithful, raise the strain SATB organ Banks 20
Thiman   A Song of Praise unison organ Banks 46
Thiman   Earth does not hold unison organ Novello 37
Thiman   Gloria in excelsis Deo unison pno Curwen 40
Thiman   Gratitude unison piano Arnold 34
Thiman   I praised the Earth SATB organ Curwen 40
Thiman   Immortal, invisible SATB organ Novello 21
Thiman   King of Glory, King of Peace SATB organ Novello 35
Thiman   Let all the world SATB organ Novello 23
Thiman   Lo! Round the Throne a glorious band SATB organ Novello 40
Thiman   My true love hath my heart SATB organ Novello 10
Thiman   Of the Father's heart begotten SATB organ Novello 39
Thiman   Seek ye the Lord SATB organ Novello 25
Thiman   Sing alleluia forth SATB organ Novello 119
Thiman   The strife is o'er SATB organ Novello 23
Thiman   There is a stream SATB organ Novello 27
Thiman   Ye banks and braes SATB - Novello 40
Thomas   The Song of Little Jesus unison voices pno / organ OUP 40
Thompson   Alleluia SATB - Schirmer 260
Thorne   The Angel and the Shepherds unison organ Novello 22
Thornett   Noel! SATB organ OUP 50
Tippett   Five Spirituals [from A Child of Our Time] SATB div. + soli - Schott 353
Tippett   The Windhover SATB - OUP 68
Toch   Geographical Fugue SATB - Belwin Mills 151
Todd   Mass in Blue [OUP] [Jazz Instrumental Parts] Orchestral Set jazz ensemble / trio OUP 5
Todd   Mass in Blue [OUP] [v/s] SATB [S] jazz ensemble / trio OUP 350
Todd   Mass in Blue [Tyalgum Press] [v/s] SATB [S] jazz ensemble / trio Tyalgum Press 73
Todd   My Lord has Come SATB - OUP 90
Todd   O lux beata SATB div. organ Boosey & Hawkes 50
Tomblings   All from the sun's uprise SATB organ OUP 20
Tomkins Stevens God, who as at this time SAATB div. organ Hinrichsen 39
Tomkins Atkins I heard a voice from heaven SATB - Novello 40
Tomkins   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [1st Service] SATB - Novello 40
Tomkins   My shepherd is the living Lord SATB - Stainer & Bell 43
Tomkins Le Huray O give thanks unto the Lord ATTB - OUP 12
Tomkins   O God, wonderful art thou SAATB - OUP 40
Tomkins Stevens O Lord, I have loved SAATB organ Peters 40
Tomkins Ramsbotham O pray for the peace of Jerusalem SSTB organ OUP 49
Tomkins Fellowes When David heard SAATB - Stainer & Bell 103
Tormé Knight The Christmas Song SATTBB [T] - Chappell 45
Tormis (Veljo)   An Aboriginal Song (Pärismaalase Lauluke) SATB Shaman Drum Fennica Gehrman Oy, Helsinki 80
Torrance   I will pray the Father SATB organ Novello 34
Torrance   Who shall roll away the stone SSATB organ Novello 25
Torrentes   Nunc Dimittis SSATB organ manuscript 40
Tosti   A Vucchella [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Tours   Blessed are they that dwell in thy house SATB organ Novello 40
Tours   O come, let us sing unto the Lord SATB organ Novello 40
Tours   Praise God in His holiness SATB organ Novello 40
Trad Norman Stone A brisk young lad SATB pno Elkin 43
Trad   A child this day is born SATB pno OUP 19
Trad Warrell A Gallery Carol SATB pno OUP 40
Trad Carter A Maiden most gentle SATB organ OUP 109
Trad Warrell A Merry Christmas SATB - OUP 410
Trad Goff Richards A Merry Little Christmas Medley SATB pno / brass Max Music 120
Trad   A-roving [SATB] SATB pno OUP 32
Trad Sharp A-roving [unison] unison voices pno Novello 6
Trad   Adeste Fideles SATB organ Manuscript 220
Trad Clement Barton All Night, All Day SATB pno Walton Music 53
Trad Lloyd Amazing Grace SATB div. - manuscript 40
Trad Roberton An Eriskay Love Lilt SATB - Curwen 40
Trad RVW And all in the morning unison pno Stainer & Bell 40
Trad Chilcott Ar Hyd y Nos SATB piano / orch OUP 55
Trad Sargent Bethlehem SATB - OUP 32
Trad Terry Billy Boy [SATB] SATB pno Curwen 7
Trad Terry Billy Boy [unison] unison voices pno Curwen 15
Trad C. Wood Blessed be that Maid Mary SATB div. - OUP 40
Trad Whittaker Bobby Shaftoe [SATB] SATB - Stainer & Bell 10
Trad Langford Bobby Shaftoe [SATTBB] SATTBB - Faber Music 40
Trad Whittaker Bobby Shaftoe [TTBB] TTBB - Stainer & Bell 15
Trad Terry Boney was a warrior unison voices pno Curwen 4
Trad Pearson Call John! SATB pno Novello 3
Trad Sargent Carol of Beauty SSAATTBB - OUP 200
Trad Hunter Carol of the Huron Indians SATB pno / drum Roberton 40
Trad Vine Christ is the world's redeemer SSATB piano OUP 36
Trad Walford Davies Christmas is coming SATB - Novello 45
Trad Rutter Christmas Night SATB organ OUP 90
Trad Phillips Country Gardens SATB div. - APS 80
Trad Sargent Cowboy Carol SSAATTBB - OUP 410
Trad Rutter Cradle Song [SATB] SATB - OUP 40
Trad   Cradle Song [SSA] SSA - Banks 1
Trad Rathbone Danny Boy SSAATTBB - Kikapust 65
Trad Carter Dashing away with the smoothing iron SATB - Banks 40
Trad Sharp Dashing away with the smoothing iron unison voices pno Novello 8
Trad Timothy Salter Dashing away with the smoothing iron SATB div. - Usk Edition 7
Trad Donn Weiss De tierra lejana venimos SATB - Roberton 310
Trad Carter De Virgin Mary SATB - Banks [Eboracum] 120
Trad Bawden Ding Dong! Merrily on high SATB - Equinox 170
Trad Deale Ding Dong! Merrily on high SATB - OUP 40
Trad Williamson Ding Dong! Merrily on high SATB - Novello 44
Trad Wood Ding Dong! Merrily on high [SA] SA + congregation organ SPCK 94
Trad Wood Ding dong! Merrily on high / Past three a clock SATB - Freeman 99
Trad John Vine Down by the Salley Gardens SATB - OUP 45
Trad Tate Dry Bones SATB - OUP 20
Trad Phillips Early one morning SATB div. - manuscript 40
Trad Wood Echo TTBB - Stainer & Bell 41
Trad   Eight English Airs SATB (pno) Curwen 6
Trad Bawden Four Spirituals SATB - Equinox 170
Trad Pettman Gabriel's Message SATB - Freeman 2
Trad   Gaudete SATB - APS 90
Trad Neaum Gaudete SSAA - Banks 30
Trad   God rest you merry, Gentlemen SATB (pno) Novello 7
Trad 17th century Golden slumbers SA pno Novello 6
Trad   Good King Wenceslas SATB pno Novello 19
Trad Sharp Greene Broom unison voices pno Novello 52
Trad Sargent Greensleeves SATB div. - OUP 240
Trad Sargent He's got the whole world in his hands SSAATTBB - OUP 95
Trad Sharp Heave away, my Johnny unison voices pno Novello 60
Trad Morgan Here lies this little one SATB organ OUP 66
Trad German Holla Hiaho TTBB pno Curwen 1
Trad Russell-Smith I know where I'm goin' SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 60
Trad Smith-Masters I saw three ships SATB organ Anvil Music 40
Trad Carter I Wonder as I Wander [Carter] SATB - Banks 210
Trad Niles I Wonder as I Wander [Niles] SATB + solo - Schirmer 40
Trad Rutter Il est né le divin enfant [Rutter] SATB organ OUP 60
Trad Willcocks Il est né le divin enfant [Willcocks] SATBarBB - OUP 40
Trad Fiske In Bethlehem Town SATB organ OUP 40
Trad Hatfield Jabula Jesu SSATB ST perc Boosey & Hawkes 60
Trad Albino Jim the Carter Lad unison voices pno Curwen 7
Trad West John Peel SATB - Novello 15
Trad Cleobury Joys Seven SSAATTBB organ OUP 110
Trad Spanish Juanita TTBB - Curwen 1
Trad Sharp King Herod and the Cock unison voices pno Novello 40
Trad Deale Kitty, my love, will you marry me? SATB - OUP 40
Trad Sargent Lis'en to de lam's SATB div. - Novello 70
Trad Sargent Little David, play on yo' harp SATB - Novello 254
Trad Grotenhuis Lo! He comes with clouds descending SATB organ Curtis 22
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