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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
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Deering Simkins Factum est silentium SSATTB - Chester 70
Wood   Fain would I change SATB - Stainer & Bell 82
Vaughan Williams   Fain would I change that note SATB organ Novello 40
Farmer Fellowes Fair Nymph I heard SSATB - Stainer & Bell 17
Farmer Fellowes Fair Phyllis I saw sitting SATB - Stainer & Bell 112
Farmer Fellowes Fair Phyllis I saw sitting [ATBB] ATBB - Stainer & Bell 9
Harris   Faire is the heaven SATB SATB - Year Book Press 302
Cooke   Fall, leaves, fall SATB - Novello 58
Shaw   Fanfare SATB organ Curwen 95
Shaw   Fanfare for Christmas Day SATB organ + 2 trp William Elkin 80
Copland   Fanfare for the Common Man [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set Brass + perc. Boosey & Hawkes 1
Vaughan Williams   Fantasia on 'Old 104th Psalm' [c/s] SATB orch Stainer & Bell 141
Vaughan Williams   Fantasia on 'Old 104th Psalm' [v/s] SATB orch Stainer & Bell 3
Wood   Fantasia on British Sea Songs [Orchestral Set] orchestra   APS 1
Vaughan Williams   Fantasia on Christmas Carols SATB [Bar] orch / organ Stainer & Bell 810
Vaughan Williams   Fantasia on Christmas Carols [vcl part] Cello Part Only orch / organ Stainer & Bell 5
Vaughan Williams   Fantasia on Greensleeves [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra OUP 1
Vaughan Williams Ralph Greaves Fantasia on Greensleeves [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Goodmusic Publishing 1
Wood   Father All-Holy SATB SATB - Year Book Press / Banks 50
Willan   Father, we praise thee SATB organ Peters 40
Gardner   Fear no more the heat o' the sun SSATB - Novello 57
Elgar   Fear not, O land SATB organ Novello 70
Elgar   Feasting I Watch [SATB] SATB - Novello 90
Elgar   Feasting I Watch [TTBB] TTBB - Novello 40
Rutter   Feel the Spirit SATB div. [MS] orch OUP 380
Brahms   Fest und Gedenkspruche SATB SATB - Breitkopf & Härtel 130
Tallis   Festal Responses SATB - OUP 40
Music list
  • Bairstow, Though I speak with the tongues of men
  • Bach JS, Awake, thou wintry earth (from Cantata No.129)
  • Bullock, Give us the wings of faith
  • Bullard, The Beatitudes
  • Kelly, He is the way
  Festival Service Bk.10 (The Nine Gifts) SATB organ RSCM 27
Vaughan Williams   Festival Te Deum in F SATB organ OUP 2
Britten   Festival Te Deum Opus 32 SATB [S] organ Boosey & Hawkes 120
Sumner (Sting) Emerson Fields of Gold [SATB] SATB pno Hal Leonard 160
Sumner (Sting) Emerson Fields of Gold [SSA] SSA pno Hal Leonard 25
Noble   Fierce was the wild billow SATB - Banks Music Publications 40
Rhodes   Fight the good fight SATB organ OUP 42
Dowland Fellowes Fine knacks for ladies SATB - Stainer & Bell 40
Dowland Scott Fine knacks for ladies SATB - OUP 40
Stanford   Fineen the Rover unison voices pno Year Book Press 17
Purcell King Five Anthems SATB div. continuo Faber Music 140
Willcocks   Five Carol Accompaniments for Orchestra [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra OUP 1
Music list
  • Trad, Dance to thy daddy
  • Trad, She moved through the fair
  • Trad, The frog and the crow
  • Trad, Scarborough Fair
  • Trad, Bobby Shaftoe
Runswick Five English Folk Songs SATB - Faber Music 77
Vaughan Williams   Five English Folk Songs [complete] SATB - Stainer & Bell 100
Britten   Five Flower Songs [Complete] SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 2
Bax   Five Greek Folk Songs SATB - Chappell 40
Rubbra   Five Madrigals Opus 51 SATB - Stainer & Bell 20
Rubbra   Five Motets Opus 37 SSAATTBB - Stainer & Bell 50
Vaughan Williams   Five Mystical Songs [c/s] SATB [Bar] orch / organ Stainer & Bell 726
Vaughan Williams   Five Mystical Songs [v/s] SATB [Bar] orch / organ Stainer & Bell 257
Holst   Five Part Songs Opus 12 SATB - Faber Music 55
Goehr   Five Poems & an Epigram of W Blake SATB trumpet Schott 29
Krenek   Five prayers SSAA - Universal 30
Tippett   Five Spirituals [from A Child of Our Time] SATB div. + soli - Schott 353
Cannon   Fleeting Fancies SATB - Kronos Press 3
Music list
  • Arcadelt, Haec Dies
  • Clemens non Papa, Crux Fidelis
  • Isaac, Gustate Et Videte
  • Isaac, Jerusalem Surge
  • Près, Ave Maria
  • Près, Tu Solus
  • Lassus, Improperium
  • Lassus, Jubilate Deo
  • Lassus, Scio Enim
  • Vaet, O Quam Gloriosum
  • Willaert, O Magnum Mysterium
Petti Flemish School for four voices SATB - Chester 25
Wilbye Fellowes Flora gave me fairest flowers SSATB - Stainer & Bell 160
Vaughan Williams   Flos Campi [v/s] SATB orch OUP 40
Vaughan Williams   Flourish for a Coronation SATB pno / orch OUP 16
Wilbye   Flourish ye hillocks SATB - Stainer & Bell 30
Britten   Flower Songs No.1 To Daffodils SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 160
Britten   Flower Songs No.2 The Succession SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 165
Britten   Flower Songs No.3 Marsh Flowers SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 164
Britten   Flower Songs No.4 Evening Primrose SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 180
Britten   Flower Songs No.5 Green Broom SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 210
Vivaldi Fortner / Kolneder Flute Concerto Opus 10 No.2 RV439 'La Notte' [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Schott 1
Wilbye Fellowes Fly love aloft to Heaven SAT (SAA) pno Stainer & Bell 17
Music list
  • Byrt, Among the leaves so green
  • James, Bushes and briars
  • Rutter, Black Sheep
  • Willcocks, Bobby Shaftoe
  • Rutter, Dashing away with the smoothing iron
  • Willcocks, Early one morning
  • Vaughan Williams, Greensleeves
  • Grainger, Londonderry Air
  • Holst, My sweetheart's like Venus
  • Rutter, O waly, waly
  • Chapman, She's like the swallow
  • Rutter, Sourwood Mountain
Rutter Folk Songs for Choirs [Book 1] SATB - OUP 115
Music list
  • Willcocks, Afton Water
  • Grainger, Brigg Fair
  • Vaughan Williams, Ca' the yowes
  • Byrt, Faithful Johnny
  • Holst, I love my love
  • James, Strawberry Fair
  • Holst, Swansea Town
  • Byrt, The Keel Row
  • Bairstow, The Oak and the Ash
  • Moeran, The Sailor and young Nancy
  • Chapman, The Three Ravens
  • Vaughan Williams, The Turtle Dove
  • Warlock, Yarmouth Fair
Rutter Folk Songs for Choirs [Book 2] SATB - OUP 119
Jacobson   Follow me down to Carlow SATB pno Curwen 7
Music list
  • Martin/Blane, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • Smith/Bernard, Winter Wonderland
  • Gritton, Follow That Star
  • Gritton, An Olde Rhyme
  • Gillespie/Coot, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  • Hairston, Mary's Boy Child
  • Jenkins/Barratt, Just Another Star
  • Tormé/Wells, The Christmas Song
  • Gritton, Deck The Hall
Gritton Follow that Star [close harmony] SATB div. - Chester 173
Stanford   For lo, I raise up SATB [ST] organ Stainer & Bell 190
Finzi   For St Cecilia SATB orch / organ Boosey & Hawkes 80
Rutter   For the beauty of the earth SATB pno / organ OUP 188
Guest   For the Fallen ** with Edwards SATB - RSCM 271
Blatchly   For the Fallen (September 1914) SSA organ (trp) Blatchly © 1980 130
Handel Watkins Shaw For unto us a child is born [Messiah] SATB orch / organ APS 130
Jamouneau   For ye shall go out with joy SATB organ Jamouneau 31
Schubert Troutbeck Forth to the meadows SATB pno Novello 440
Noble H.   Fortitude unison piano Dix 43
Handel   Foundling Hospital Anthem SATB organ Peters 40
Maxwell Davies   Four Carols from O Magnum Mysterium SATB - Schott 2
Blow   Four Coronation Anthems [APS] SSATB - APS 50
Blow   Four Coronation Anthems [Hansen] SSATB - Hansen 36
Handel Donald Burrows Four Coronation Anthems [New Novello] [v/s] SATB div. orch / organ Novello [NNCE] 55
Handel Clifford Bartlett Four Coronation Anthems [OUP] [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra OUP 3
Handel Clifford Bartlett Four Coronation Anthems [OUP] [v/s] SATB div. orch / organ OUP 340
Turner [Guy]   Four Drinking Companions SATB div. - manuscript 46
Elgar   Four Latin Motets SATB organ Novello 37
Warlock Phillips Four Shakespeare Songs SATB - Computer Set 80
Stanford   Four Short Anthems SATB organ Novello 34
Turner [Guy]   Four Slices of Pizza SATB div. - Computer Set 140
Trad Bawden Four Spirituals SATB - Equinox 170
Mathias   Four Welsh Folk Songs [Pedair cân werin Gymreig] SATB - Gwynn 40
Mendelssohn   Four-part Songs SATB - Novello 16
Music list
  • Saint-Saëns, Calme des Nuits (Deux Choeurs)
  • Saint-Saëns, Les fleurs et les arbres (Deux Choeurs)
  • Fauré, Madrigal
  • Debussy, Dieu! Qu'il la fait bon regarder (Trois Chansons de Charles d'Orléans)
  • Debussy, Quant j'ai ouy le tabourin (Trois Chansons de Charles d'Orléans)
  • Debussy, Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain (Trois Chansons de Charles d'Orléans)
Timothy Brown French Chansons SATB pno Faber Music 50
Schönberg A.   Friede auf Erden SATB div. - Schott 135
Ferguson   From Far and Lear SATB - manuscript 60
Berlin Audrey Snyder From Rags to Ritz [Medley] SATB pno / band Hal Leonard 80
Elgar   From the Bavarian Highlands SATB pno / orch Stainer & Bell 175
Ouseley   From the rising of the sun SATB - Novello 61
Purcell   Full fathom five SATB [S or T] pno Novello 21
Wood   Full fathom five SATB - Novello 88
Tavener   Funeral Ikos SSATBB - Chester 160
Purcell Bartlett Funeral Sentences SATBB continuo Kings Music 60
Purcell Lewis / Fortune Funeral Sentences SATB organ Novello 356
Purcell Phillips Funeral Sentences [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra (trp / trb / drum) APS 5
Denza   Funiculi Funicula [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Bach JS   Fürchte dich nicht [continuo set] Orchestral Set organ & cello Bärenreiter 2
Bach JS   Fürchte dich nicht [v/s] SATB SATB continuo Bärenreiter 80
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