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Choral sheet music hire
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Chameleon Arts Management provides one of the most comprehensive choral sheet music hire services in the UK, with well over 4,000 titles available to choirs and choral societies. Run by professional musicians, our service is knowledgeable and reliable.

Terms of Hire

1st January 2021

These regulations form the basis of an agreement between both parties for the hire of music from this library.

To hire music from the Music Hire Catalogue, simply contact me at the address below with the following information:

  • Composer & Title of work(s) required
  • Number of copies required
  • Date by which you want the music delivered
  • Performance date
  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Title of the choir
  • Music will normally be sent by Courier or 1st class post [not Parcel Force] and the cost of postage, packing and insurance will be charged. Hire charges for vocal sets are calculated at 10% of the purchase price of each copy per month. Charges for orchestral music vary according to the number of parts. Quotations are available on request. An invoice will be sent after the music has been despatched. Payment will be due on receipt of the invoice.
  • Please note that hire material should be returned within fourteen days of the date of performance. If material is not received within this period the right is reserved to charge additional hire fees without notice. Such fees are normally based on a complete hire fee for every month or part month overdue.
  • If material is received incomplete an immediate additional hire charge will be made for each overdue copy and, if such copies cannot be recovered, replacement cost will be charged in addition to a standard administration charge of £10.00.
  • Please use only soft pencil for writing on scores. Any markings should be carefully removed before music is returned. Please ask choir members to refrain from writing shopping lists or friends' telephone numbers on the music!
  • If damage to hired material is caused (including punched holes!) a charge will be made either for cleaning and repair or for the replacement cost.

Helpful hints:

The sets of copies are supplied already numbered.  In order to keep a track of each copy please be sure to make a note of the recipient of each number.  If you need to add your own numbers, please write in pencil ONLY and remove them before you return the music.  DO NOT use adhesive labels.

Please ensure that hired material is properly and securely packed to avoid damage in transit.  Use a rigid box or large folder and, when returning sets please pack them carefully in number order.

The smooth running of this service depends on the co-operation of you and your choir members.   In the event of difficulties please do not hesitate to contact:

Andrew Phillips
32 St Michael's Road
GU47 8HE

tel: 01252 873313

NB: For sets of music which are advertised with only a few copies available, numbers can sometimes be increased on request.  Please contact for details.