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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
Stock Stock Level
This field indicates the total number of copies we hold.
Holst   Psalm 148: Lord, who hast made us [SATB] [Stainer & Bell] SATB orch / organ Stainer & Bell 130
Holst   Psalm 148: Lord, who hast made us [SSA] SSA + cong. organ Augener 33
Holst   Psalm 86: To my humble supplication SATB orch / organ Augener 130
Holst   St Paul's Suite [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set string orchestra Curwen 1
Holst   Terly Terlow SATB oboe & cello Stainer & Bell 46
Holst   The Cobbler SATB - Novello 10
Holst   The Dove SATB - Curwen 55
Holst   The Evening Watch SSAATTBB - Faber Music 130
Holst   The Mother in Law / The First Love SATB - Curwen 55
Holst   The Nightingale & Linnet SATB - Curwen 56
Holst   This have I done SATB - Stainer & Bell 120
Holst   Turn back, O Man SATB organ Stainer & Bell 218
Holst   Two Psalms [86 & 148] SSAATTBB orch / organ Stainer & Bell 40
Holst   White Summer Rose SATB - Curwen 55
Holst [Imogen]   A sweet country life SATB - Novello 80
Holst [Imogen]   The Cobbler SATB - Novello 40
Holst [Imogen]   Welcome joy, welcome sorrow SSA harp / pno OUP 45
Honegger   King David SATB orch Salabert 21
Honegger   Une Cantate de Noel SATB [B] orch / organ Salabert 50
Hooper Watkins Shaw Teach me thy way, O Lord SATB organ OUP 105
Hopkins   Communion Service in G SATB organ   18
Horovitz   Captain Noah SATB pno Novello 130
Horovitz   Captain Noah [Drum & Bass Parts] Orchestral Set orchestra Novello 2
Horovitz   Three Choral Songs from 'As you like it' SATB - Novello 40
Horsley   By Celia's Arbour ATBB - Musical Times 4
Hossack   Adam lay ybounden SATB - manuscript 89
Hossack   Hear my crying, O God SATB [B] - manuscript 41
Hossack   Save me O God SATB - manuscript 60
How   Praise, O praise unison or divisi organ RSCM 38
Howells   A Hymn for St Cecilia SATB organ Novello 322
Howells   A Sequence for St Michael SATB organ Novello 45
Howells   A Spotless Rose SATB [Bar] - Stainer & Bell 298
Howells   Behold, O God our defender SATB organ Novello 210
Howells   Communion Service [Collegium Regale] SATB organ Novello 72
Howells Russill Haec Dies SSATB - OUP / CMS 40
Howells   Here is the little door SATB - Stainer & Bell 492
Howells   Hymnus paradisi SATB + soli orch / organ Novello 4
Howells   Inheritance SATB div. - Novello 140
Howells   King of Glory SATB organ Novello 50
Howells   Let God arise SATB organ OUP 45
Howells   Like as the hart SATB organ OUP 372
Howells   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in G SATB organ Stainer & Bell 39
Howells   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Collegium Regale] SATB organ Novello 328
Howells   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Gloucester] SATB organ Novello 195
Howells   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [St Paul's] SATB div. organ Novello 197
Howells   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [St Peter Westminster] SATB organ Novello 75
Howells   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Worcester] SATB organ Novello 40
Howells   O pray for the peace of Jerusalem SATB organ OUP 126
Howells   Requiem SATB div. - Novello 150
Howells   Salve Regina / O Salutaris Hostia SSATBB - Novello 100
Howells   Sing Lullaby SATB div. - Stainer & Bell 190
Howells   Take him, earth, for cherishing SATB div. - H W Gray / Belwin Mills 130
Howells   Te Deum & Jubilate [Collegium Regale] SATB organ Novello 160
Howells   The House of the Mind SATB organ Novello 40
Howells   The Summer is Coming SATB - Novello 40
Hughes   Two Old Testament Spirituals SATB - Roberton 31
Humfrey Bowie Hear O Heavens SATB organ OUP 38
Humfrey Simkins Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis SATB organ Hinrichsen 81
Humfrey   Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis [Short Service] SATB organ Novello 42
Hurd   Music's Praise SATB orch (strings) / pno Novello 20
Hurd   Praise ye the Lord SATB organ Novello 50
Hurford   Litany to the Holy Spirit SATB organ OUP 52
Hurford   Two Sentences for Holy Communion Series 3 SATB div. organ Novello 25
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