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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
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Bonet   Sa Ximbomba SATB - manuscript 30
Byrd Milsom Sacerdotes Domini [Milsom] SATB - OUP 112
Byrd Morehen Sacerdotes Domini [Morehen] SATB - OUP 45
Byrd Terry Sacerdotes Domini [Terry] SATB - OUP 40
Britten   Sacred & Profane SSATB - Faber Music 110
Bach JS   Sacred Part Songs SATB - Breitkopf & Härtel 1
Bach JS Pointer Sages Of Sheba SATB + soli organ / pno Novello 1
Wood   Salt Beef TTBB - Stainer & Bell 11
Elgar   Salut d'Amour [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Blow Terry Salvator Mundi SSATB - Novello 43
Tallis Le Huray Salvator mundi SAATB - OUP 136
Cavalli Malcolm Hill Salve Regina ATTB continuo Handlo Music 32
Franco   Salve Regina SSATB - Mapa Mundi 20
Padilla Moody Salve Regina SATB SATB - Mapa Mundi 26
Poulenc   Salve Regina SATB - Salabert 90
Villette   Salve Regina SATB - Heugel 45
Howells   Salve Regina / O Salutaris Hostia SSATBB - Novello 100
Victoria   Salve Regina à 6 voices SSAATB - Joed Music 20
Victoria Anthony Petti Salve Regina à 8 voices [Chester] SSAB SATB organ Chester 40
Victoria Jon Dixon Salve Regina à 8 voices [Joed] SSAB SATB - Joed Music 65
Maconchy   Samson and the Gates of Gaza SATB orch / pno Chappell 5
Esquivel Turner Sancta Maria SSAT SATB - Mapa Mundi 40
Tallis Phillips Sancte Deus SSTB - Mapa Mundi 39
Caldara   Sanctus SATB organ Lawson - Gould 40
Trad Cockshott Sans Day Carol SSA organ Novello 40
Trad Falconer Santa Lucia SSA pno Chappell 50
Leighton   Sarum Mass Opus 66 SSAATTBB organ Novello 50
Noble   Save Lord, or we perish SATB - Banks Music Publications 40
Hossack   Save me O God SATB - manuscript 60
Bairstow   Save us, O Lord SATB organ Novello 107
Martin   Save us, O Lord SATB organ Novello 10
Sullivan   Saviour thy children keep SATB organ Novello 81
Dowland   Say love if ever thou didst find SATB - Stainer & Bell 5
Cavendish Fellowes Say, Shepherds, Say SATB - Stainer & Bell 40
Brahms   Schicksalslied [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Peters 1
Davie   Scots wha hae SATB - Curwen 40
Scott   Sea-Buckthorn SSA pno Bayley & Ferguson 30
Mendelssohn   Sechs Sprüche Op 79 Herr / Erhaben SSAATTBB - Carus-Verlag 85
Mendelssohn   Sechs Sprüche Op 79 Herr / Um unsere SSAATTBB - Carus-Verlag 55
Mendelssohn   Sechs Sprüche Op 79 Lasset / Frohlokket SSAATTBB - Carus-Verlag 160
Collection   Second Book of Christmas Carols SATB organ Penguin 36
Goss   See amid the winter's snow SATB organ Novello 22
Stevenson   See our oars SATB pno Musical Times 9
Kodaly   See the gipsies SATB - OUP 50
Mendelssohn   See what love hath the Father SATB organ Novello 48
Dove   Seek Him that maketh the Seven Stars SATB div. organ Faber Music 129
Thiman   Seek ye the Lord SATB organ Novello 25
Varley Roberts   Seek ye the Lord SATB [T] organ Novello 75
MacMillan   Seinte Mari Moder Milde SATB div. organ Boosey & Hawkes 40
Sondheim Bannan Send in the clowns SSAATB - manuscript 100
Gounod   Send out thy light SATB div. organ Novello 54
Green Kershaw Sentimental Journey SATB pno manuscript 40
Leighton   Sequence for All Saints SATB [Bar] organ Roberton 3
Bizet   Sequidilla & Duet [Carmen] [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Schubert   Serenade D.920 SSAA [A] pno Novello 65
Elgar   Serenade for Strings [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set string orchestra Kalmus 1
Wiren   Serenade Opus 11 [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Elgar   Serenade Opus 73 No.2 SATB - Novello 47
Vaughan Williams   Serenade to Music SATB + soli orch / organ OUP 180
Schubert Geehl Serenade; Ev'ning breezes, softly sighing SATB pno Edwin Ashdown 360
Walton   Set me as a seal SATB - OUP 223
Collection   Seven Amens by Modern Composers SATB - Novello 46
Gardner   Seven Songs [complete] SATB orch OUP 6
Gardner   Seven Songs [nos. 1-3 only] SATB orch / pno Composer's Facsimile 22
Monteverdi   Sfogava con le stelle SSATB - Universal 65
MacGimsey Orrie Lee Shadrack SATB pno Fischer 40
Clucas   Shakespeare Songs SATB div. - Animus 80
Arne Malcolm Sargent Shakespeare's Carol SATB - OUP 40
Grainger   Shallow Brown unison Chorus pno Schott 100
Erb   Shenandoah SATB div. - Lawson - Gould 221
Jones   Shepherd of souls SATB organ Cramer 49
Rutter   Shepherd's Pipe Carol SATB pno / organ OUP 85
Wood   Short Communion Service [Phrygian] SATB - Faith Press 71
Monteverdi   Si ch'io vorrei morire SATTB - Universal 65
Wesley   Si iniquitates observaveris TBB organ OUP 15
Puccini   Si, mi chiamano Mimi [La Bohème] [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Palestrina Mawby Sicut cervus [Cary] SATB - Cary & Co. 143
Palestrina Steele Sicut cervus [Chester] SATB - Chester 55
Coward Phillips Sigh no more SATB pno manuscript 80
Moeran   Sigh no more, Ladies [Songs of Springtime no.5] SATB - Novello 41
Vaughan Williams   Silence and Music SATB - OUP 100
Grüber Rathbone Silent Night [Rathbone] SSAATTBB - Kikapust 65
Grüber Sargent Silent Night [Sargent] SATB div. - OUP 40
Grüber John E. West Silent Night [West] SATB [S] organ Novello 90
Handel   Silent Worship TTBB - Curwen 2
Trad   Simple Gifts SATB (pno) OUP 180
Lotti Terry Simple Mass SATB - Cary & Co. 36
Handel Watkins Shaw Since by man came death [Messiah] SATB orch / organ Novello 26
Ford Fellowes Since first I saw your face SATB - Stainer & Bell 160
Bennet Fellowes Since neither tunes of joy SATB - Stainer & Bell 36
Clucas   Sinfonia Sacra SATB div. - Fagus / Oecumuse 27
Wills   Sing a new song to the Lord unison organ Novello 30
Diack   Sing a song of sixpence SATB pno Paterson 136
Thiman   Sing alleluia forth SATB organ Novello 119
Barnby   Sing and rejoice SATB organ Novello 35
Mimm   Sing Cuckoo! [SSAA] SA div. (pno) Novello 51
Mimm   Sing Cuckoo! [TTBB] TTBB (pno) Novello 11
Mundy   Sing joyfully SATB - OUP 40
Byrd Bennett Sing Joyfully [Novello] SSATTB - Novello 45
Byrd Morehen Sing Joyfully [OUP] SSAATB - OUP 144
Byrd   Sing Joyfully [Stainer & Bell] SSAATB - Stainer & Bell 40
Howells   Sing Lullaby SATB div. - Stainer & Bell 190
Gershwin   Sing of Spring SATB pno Lawson - Gould 42
Whitlock   Sing Praise to God who reigns above SATB organ OUP 34
Cruickshank   Sing praises unto the Lord SATB organ Novello 40
Smart   Sing to the Lord SATB organ Novello 32
Blake, Leonard   Sing to the Lord of Harvest SATB organ RSCM 49
Harris (Cuthbert)   Sing unto God SATB organ Donajowski 40
Morley   Sing we and chant it SATB - Novello 10
Morley Fellowes Sing we and chant it SSATB - Stainer & Bell 12
Pearsall   Sing we and chaunt it SATB (pno) Novello 196
Campbell   Sing we merrily SATB organ Novello 46
Batten West Sing we merrily unto God SATB - Novello 81
Lloyd C. H.   Sing ye to the Lord SATB organ Novello 40
Willcocks   Sing! [Widor Toccata] SATB organ OUP 100
Lloyd Webber (W.)   Sing, O Heavens SAB div. organ Novello 24
Maunder   Sing, O heavens SATB organ Novello 35
Smith   Sing, O sing this blesséd morn SATB - Boosey & Hawkes 60
Bach JS   Singet dem Herrn [continuo set] Orchestral Set organ & cello Bärenreiter 2
Bach JS Konrad Ameln Singet dem Herrn [v/s] SATB SATB continuo Bärenreiter 131
Schütz   Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied SATB SATB organ Bärenreiter 60
Mathias   Sir Christèmas SATB div. organ OUP 160
Gardiner   Sir Eglamore SS pno Novello 14
Sullivan Appleby Six four-part Songs SATB pno OUP 44
Music list
  • Mozart, Veni Sancte Spiritus
  • Mozart, Benedictus sit Deus
  • Mozart, Venite Populi
  • Mozart, Sancta Maria, Mater Dei
  • Mozart, Ave verum corpus
  • Mozart, Jesu, wahrer Gottessohn
Denis McCaldin Six Motets [W.A. Mozart] SATB organ Faber Music 56
Mendelssohn   Six Part Songs Opus 59 SATB - Breitkopf & Härtel 110
Music list
  • Tallis, Audivi, media nocte
  • Palestrina, Benedictus qui venit
  • Batten, Deliver us, O Lord our God
  • Viadana, Exultate Justi
  • Palestrina, Holy, Holy, Holy
  • Batten, Let my complaint come before thee
  • Amner, Lift up your heads O ye gates
  • Batten, Lord, we beseech thee
  • Morley, Nolo mortem peccatoris
  • Victoria, Of the glorious Body telling
  • Tye, O God, be merciful
  • Tallis, O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit
  • Anon, O Lord, the maker of all thing
  • Tomkins, O pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • Batten, O sing joyfully
  • Anon, Rejoice in the Lord always
  • Byrd, Sacerdotes Domini
  • Tye, Sing unto the Lord
  • Anon, This is the day
  • Batten, When the Lord turned again
Morris Sixteenth Century Anthem Book SATB - OUP 86
Lloyd Webber Cullen Skimbleshanks [from 'Cats'] SATB pno Faber Music 115
Whitacre   Sleep SATB div. - Walton Music 305
Bishop   Sleep, gentle lady SATB pno Musical Times 3
Goldman   Sleep, little Jesus, sleep SATB [S] pno Roberton 33
Bach JS Prout Sleepers Wake SATB + soli orch / organ Novello 40
Bach JS Bennett Williams Sleepytime Bach [from Cantata 140] SATB bass & drums Sam Fox 50
Lane   Sleigh Bell Serenade SATB pno OUP 40
Anderson Kershaw Sleigh Ride SATB div. - manuscript 80
Terry   So blyssid be the tyme SATB organ Curwen 40
MacMillan   So Deep SSAATTBB oboe & vla Boosey & Hawkes 111
Aston   So they gave their bodies SATB organ RSCM 253
Mozart   Soave sia il cento [Cosi fan tutte] [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Boulanger L.   Soir sur la Plaine SATB [ST] pno Schirmer 42
Halley   Soldier, won't you marry me [Love Songs] SATB pno Thompson 70
Kodaly   Soldiers Song TBB - Boosey & Hawkes 14
Mozart   Solemn Vespers K339 [c/s] SATB + soli orch Carus-Verlag 60
Mozart Fellerer / Schröder Solemn Vespers K339 [Orchestral Set] [Bärenreiter] Orchestral Set orchestra Bärenreiter 3
Mozart   Solemn Vespers K339 [Orchestral Set] [Breitkopf] Orchestral Set orchestra Breitkopf & Härtel 2
Mozart   Solemn Vespers K339 [Orchestral Set] [Carus] Orchestral Set orchestra Carus-Verlag 1
Mozart   Solemn Vespers K339 [v/s] SATB + soli orch / organ Breitkopf & Härtel 275
Pärt   Solfeggio SATB - Universal 70
Handel   Solomon (Overture) [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Leighton   Solus ad Victimam SATB organ OUP 109
McDowall   Some corner of a foreign field SATB div. [T] pno / orch OUP 60
Bantock   Somebody's knockin' TBB pno Novello 15
Coward Phillips Someday I'll find you SATB pno manuscript 100
Arlen Crookall Somewhere over the rainbow SATB - manuscript 80
Hayward   Son of Thunder SATB orch / pno manuscript 44
Dyson   Song for a Festival [choral] SATB pno / organ Novello 40
Dyson   Song for a Festival [unison] congregation pno / organ Novello 64
Tavener   Song for Athene SATB div. - Chester 460
Brahms   Song of Destiny [Eng.] SATB orch / pno Novello 59
Schubert   Song of Miriam [Eng.] SATB orch Novello 31
Bennett   Song of Rest SATB - Stainer & Bell 45
Warrell   Song of the Crib SATB - OUP 40
Dunhill   Song of the King's Men TTBB pno Curwen 40
Williams C.   Song of the Pedlar SATB (pno) Novello 14
Jacob   Song on May morning SATB pno Novello 41
Dvorak   Song to the Moon [Russalka] [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Panufnik   Song to the Virgin Mary SSAATTBB - Boosey & Hawkes 70
Shearing   Songs and Sonnets SATB pno Hinshaw 365
Shearing   Songs and Sonnets [string bass part only] Orchestral Set string bass only Hinshaw 2
Schumann   Songs for Children unison voices pno Sydney, Scott, Harris 2
Music list
  • Trad, Hamba Lulu
  • Trad, Jesu Ukukhanya
  • Trad, Si Njay Njay Njay
  • Trad, Weeping (N'kosi Sikeleli Africa)
L'Estrange Songs of a Rainbow Nation SAB pno Faber Music 40
Clucas   Songs of Farewell SATB div. pno / orch Fagus / Oecumuse 80
Parry   Songs of Farewell SATB div. - Cramer 205
Brahms   Songs of Love [Eng.] [voice parts only] SATB pno Lengnick 9
Brahms Rothery Songs of Love (Liebeslieder) Op.52 [English] SATB pno [4 hands] Novello 490
Dunhill   Songs of praise the angels sang unison voices organ Arnold 3
Eldridge   Songs of praise the angels sang unison pno OUP 65
Moeran   Songs of Springtime [Complete] SATB - Novello 101
Stanford   Songs of the Fleet [c/s] SATB orch Stainer & Bell 302
Stanford   Songs of the Fleet [v/s] SATB [B] orch Stainer & Bell 7
Stanford   Songs of the Sea [c/s] [SATB] SATB + soli pno / orch Boosey & Co 167
Stanford   Songs of the Sea [c/s] [TTBB] TTBB + soli pno / orch Boosey & Co 9
Stanford   Songs of the Sea [v/s] [TTBB / SATB] [accompaniment] TTBB / SATB pno / orch Boosey & Hawkes 4
Elgar   Sospiri [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Breitkopf & Härtel 1
Purcell   Soul of the World SATB organ Novello 15
Bach JS Finlay Souls of Men! Why will ye scatter SATB organ Bayley & Ferguson 25
Palestrina Webber Sound out my voice [Vestiva I Colli] SATTB - Musica Transalpina 15
Purcell C. S. Lang Sound the trumpet SS organ Novello 40
Delibes   Sous le dôme épais [Flower Duet] [Lakmé] [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Tchaikovsky   Souvenir de Florence Opus 70 [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra International 1
Music list
  • Esquivel, Ego Sum Panis Vivus
  • Guerrero, Canite Tuba
  • Guerrero, Gloriose Confessor
  • Morales, Peccantem Me Quotidie
  • Morales, Regina Caeli
  • Morales, Simile Est Regnum
  • Ortiz, Janitor Caeli
  • Rivaflecha, Anima Mea
  • Victoria, Ave Maria
  • Victoria, O Magnum Mysterium
  • Victoria, O Vos Omnes
  • Victoria, Pueri Hebraeorum
Petti Spanish School for four voices SATB - Chester 112
Patterson   Spare Parts SATB div. - Universal 67
Chilcott   Spells SSA pno OUP 30
Tallis Jon Dixon Spem in alium [Joed] [Bk1: Choirs 1 - 4 in G] 40-part - Joed Music 51
Tallis Jon Dixon Spem in alium [Joed] [Bk2: Choirs 5 - 8 in G] 40-part - Joed Music 50
Tallis Jon Dixon Spem in alium [Joed] [Complete Score: Choirs 1 - 8 in A] 40-part - Joed Music 1
Tallis Jon Dixon Spem in alium [Joed] [Complete Score: Choirs 1 - 8 in G] 40-part - Joed Music 1
Tallis Philip Brett Spem in alium [OUP] [Choirs 1- 8] 40-part - OUP 80
Mozart   Splendente Te Deus [Eng.] SATB orch / organ Novello 36
Ellis   Spread a little happiness SATB - manuscript 90
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