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Title c/s: choral scores - with the complete SATB parts but without accompaniment and normally without solo parts.
v/s: vocal scores - with the complete SATB parts plus accompaniment and solo parts.
Accomp. Accompaniment Required
This field shows what accompaniment is required for each piece. This is not an indication that accompaniment material is available to hire from Chameleon. A dash in this field indicates that the piece is unaccompanied.
Stock Stock Level
This field indicates the total number of copies we hold.
Verdi   Va Pensiero [Nabucco] [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Kalmus 1
Verdi   Va Pensiero [Nabucco] [chorus] SATB orch / pno APS 150
Naylor   Vain wits and eyes SATB - Novello 52
Vaughan Williams   Valiant for Truth SATB organ OUP 115
Dunstable Denis Stevens Veni Sancte Spiritus SAT organ Hinrichsen 49
Kelly   Veni Sancte Spiritus SATB - Novello 20
Bullock   Veni, creator spiritus SATB + unison organ Novello 33
Kodaly   Veni, veni Emmanuel SAB - Boosey & Hawkes 190
Tallis   Venite & Te Deum [Dorian Service] SATB organ [opt.] Stainer & Bell 40
Peacock   Venite, Gaudete! SATB SATB - Novello 90
Trad   Verbum Patris humanatur unison organ manuscript 10
Trad Swedish Vermeland TTBB organ Novello 4
Lobo Bruno Turner Versa est in luctum SSATTB - Mapa Mundi 70
Sumsion   Versicles & Responses SATB - Novello 45
Monteverdi Clifford Bartlett Vespers 1610 [King's Music] [v/s] SATB div. + soli orch / organ King's Music 1
Monteverdi Stevens Vespers 1610 [Novello] [v/s] SATB div. + soli orch / organ Novello 3
Plainsong   Vespers of the Blessed Sacrament unison - Plainchant Publications Committee 10
Bruckner   Vexilla Regis SATB - Peters 40
Ireland   Vexilla Regis [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set 2trp, 3trb, Org Stainer & Bell 1
Ireland   Vexilla Regis [v/s] SATB div. org / band Stainer & Bell 60
Poulenc   Videntes stellam [Noel No.3] SATB - Salabert 260
Brahms   Vier Gesänge Op 17/1 Whene're the sounding harp SSA 2Hn Hp Novello 40
Brahms   Vier Gesänge Op 17/2 Come away Death SSA 2Hn Hp Novello 40
Brahms   Vier Gesänge Op 17/3 The Gardener SSA 2Hn Hp Novello 40
Brahms   Vier Gesänge Op 17/4 The Death of Trenar SSA 2Hn Hp Novello 40
Brahms   Vier Gesänge Op.17 [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set 2Hn Hp Novello 1
Lloyd   View me, Lord SATB - Novello 95
Poulenc   Vinea mea electa [Penitence No.2] SATB - Salabert 200
Brahms   Vineta Opus 42 No.2 SAATBB pno Novello 64
Vivaldi   Violin Concerto in Am [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Peters 1
Vivaldi   Violin Concerto in C min [Il Sospetto] [Orchestral Set] Orchestral Set orchestra Eulenburg 1
Bruckner   Virga Jesse Floruit SATB - Peters 80
Gowers   Viri Galilaei SATB SATB organ RSCM 120
Stoker   Visits of truth SATB pno Novello 57
Gretchaninov   Vo tsárstvii Tvoyém [In Thy Kingdom] SATB div. [A] - Musica Russica 10
Rachmaninov Stephen Jackson Vocalise SATB [S] - Boosey & Hawkes 50
Naylor   Vox dicentis: Clama SATB div. - Curwen 153
Palestrina Turner Vox dilecti mei [Song of Songs No.14] SATTB - Mapa Mundi 40
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